2015 Favourites

Hi all,

I saw someone post these favourites for 2015 and I thought it would be a great round up for the year.

1. Favorite song – Hello by Adele
2. Favorite drink – Chai Tea or mango bubble tea
3. Favorite trip – Trip to the Whitsundays for our honeymoon!
4. Favorite new product – Maxfactor Foundation – was a sample but have loved using it. Good coverage and has a nice smell to it.
5. Favorite lipstick – Maxfactor Infinity in pink – Great with my skintone
6. Favorite fragrance – Jo Malone – orange blossom – It smells so good
7. Favorite bag – Guess black and white dome bag – It was new for just before we went to China. I love black and white so the color was perfect.
8. Favorite piece of clothing – Blue coat with fur trimming – a gift from China but it’s so warm and can’t wait to wear it in Winter.
9. Favorite accessory – Rado watch – it was a wedding present.
10. Favorite memory – My husband came home 3 hours earlier than expected from a business trip to surprise me and the girls. It might not seem like a big deal to some but for someone who’s away from home a lot, this was definitely one of my favorite memories from last year.


What are your favourites? Please share :)


Hi all,

The past weekend I flew up to Adelaide to attend my sister’s engagement. It was the first time going to Adelaide so I didn’t know what to expect. A lot of people had told me it was a small town. One of the places that I enjoyed going to was a placed called Hahndorf which is a German village. It has a quaint town like feel and the buildings are pretty and the food was great.

Photos below are what I took of the town.





How was your weekend? Did you get up to much?


Floral dresses

Hi all,

Wow the weeks fly and it’s been hard blogging because I haven’t bought a new laptop yet and I don’t use my desktop computer that much plus lots of things popping up here and there.. anyway I digress..

Summer seems like it is popping up around the corner though it feels like spring just came! I have been on the hunt for some nice floral dresses to ease from spring into summer





Excuse the pants underneath the dress look haha

Which one did you like?

Nail inspiration

Hi all,

As Spring is here – it means that you can break out all the fun bright colors on the nails so I have been going to my pinterest board for inspiration.

Look at this fun floral print!


Or if you like pastels

Which do you like?

Spring is here

Dear all,

Spring is here – though it kinda feels like Summer with this hot 30 degree weather. I picked up two tops from H&M.

bird top

This bird top is really pretty and I like the print


I also got a striped top that is similar to the above picture but I couldn’t find it online.

We have been having spurt of hot weather so we have had BBQs for the past two weekends.

Hope you have a great one!


I’m back – Honeymoon pics

Hi all,

I have had a month hiatus but that was because I got married! The wedding went well with only a few minor hiccups but that didn’t ruin anything. The flowers were beautiful and the weather was perfect especially since I had a Winter wedding there was no rain!

So after the wedding we went to the Whitsundays which is off the coast of Queensland and I have to say the place was amazing for a relaxing and beach type holiday.


//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsThis was at Whitehaven beach – we took a racing sailing boat that came 2nd there and the sand was super white and soft and the ocean was crystal clear.



Look at that sunset – isn’t it amazing?


We saw sea turtles! and whales! That was my first time seeing these animals and it was breath taking


//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsWe snorkelled in the Great Barrier Reef and as it was my first time – I was a little scared but got the hang of it quite fast and it was amazing to see all the coral, fish, clams and the sea.


I have to say I loved seeing the palm trees every morning. I wish I could plant one in my backyard right now.


And to end – Gelato

Hope you are all well.

Have you travelled anywhere?

Wintry day

Hi all,

It has been starting to get really cold and chilly and this has been my OOTD
Skirt with tights and just changing the scarfs around. Today I wore a polka dot maroon one.


What do you like to wear in Winter?