Blue valentine nails

Hi all,

How did you celebrate your valentines day? Or maybe you didn’t at all. I didn’t really celebrate it but enjoyed the early CNY celebrations.

I wore these blue nails with an accent heart on the ring finger to give it a “valentine” inspired look.







We enjoyed the snacks at the CNY celebrations! Always love the food!

Hope you have a great weekend! Did you get up to anything?


Hi all,

So it has been ages since I have ventured to Ballarat. If you are not familiar – Ballarat is known for a tourist attraction – Sovereign Hill. It is where they show the history of how gold was found during the era and you can see how the town transforms to how it was back in that day.


We tried bowling – which is not what it is like now with 3 holes for your fingers and you have to manually set the pins back up. We had a tour down in the mines and you could even gold pan.



It brings back a lot of good memories of when I first visited and I can see how it makes to be a great family activity. Lots of boiled lollies to eat and candles to make. I came home with a lychee smelling soap – my whole bathroom smells of it now.





Hope you all had a lovely weekend! What did you get up to?

Blue plaid

Hi all,

H&M have opened for a while in Melbourne now and there are a lot of sales. I picked up this $5 plaid top that would be good for layering for autumn and winter.


I also got this new watch as a gift. I needed a new watch and this simplicity of this Tissot watch is just lovely.


Hope you having a great mid week.


End of Year 2014

Hi all,

As you all know – its near the end of 2014! So I wanted to recap on my favourite posts for the year.

Traveling to Japan - Recaps only my Tokyo portion of my Japan trip – But I still miss Japan!

Birthday week  – My birthday this week was a big one and I enjoyed recapping on what I got and how I spent it.

Shirts post – I love the look of these shirts

So how will you be spending new years eve? Fireworks? Dinner?

I hope for the new year that it will bring you all blessings and joy and happiness!

Peplum polkadot

Hi all,

Can you believe it’s nearly the end of the year? The year always flies fast at the end! Two more weeks of work and I get a short break :) Even though I got back from my holiday about a month ago I’m still on shopping mode. I tried on these two peplum tops and also picked up this H&M polka dot top overseas.




I’m really loving things polka dotted. You could say I’m obsessed haha

Hope you have a lovely midweek :) Work has been crazy but I’m looking forward to have a break.

Summer dresses

Hi all,

As of the 1st of December it will be officially Summer! So I bought these two dresses to start off Summer. I can’t help choosing black and white. So I chose this one with small flower prints and one with larger flower prints.



 Which do you prefer?

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Japan trip – Tokyo

Hi all,

Yes I have been on a blogging hiatus because of my holiday and I have enjoyed just being able to see so many things and eat so many things and just enjoy it. Now that I’m back I will be able to blog again and share some of my Tokyo photos.

We stayed one week in Tokyo and it was awesome. I love Japanese food people and culture so even with limited Japanese you should be able to get around as Japanese people are really willing to help you if need be.

We went to Tsukiji markets and had really fresh sashimi.



I love how you can get anything from a vending machine. These machines are everywhere.


We had to try the Katsudon here – Pork chop crumbed with udon noodles



We also headed to Disney sea and look at these cute toy story mochi sweets! They are adorable



We also went to the famous Asakusa – very touristy as you can see the sea of people.



This was my friend’s favourite food – Taiyaki – It has a crispy wafer like outside but inside there are different fillings you can choose from – custard, red bean taro and it’s delish!



Also Japan has the cutest dogs! All the puppies in the window are sooo cute and small.



We also had to try the Harajuku crepes. They are crepes with lots of different fillings – ice cream, cake, cream



And on the weekends some of the girls get dressed up as you can see with this pink girl here.



Ever wondered what Wasabi looks like – here you go!



Imperial palace

These aren’t even half the pictures I took but it’s a snapshot of my trip to Tokyo – stay tuned for the next round of holiday pics :)

Hope all is well with you all and if you have any holiday plans let me know.