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New bag and Healesville Sanctuary

Hi all,

Over the weekend my bf bought me a new handbag because the one I bought from Indonesia broke on me only after using it for 1 month! Heartbroken!

Mocha bag

It’s such a cute navy satchel bag that can be used as a side bag and also carried by the handle.

We went to a place called Healesville Sanctuary – there are all Australian wildlife there and we got to see kangaroos, koalas, platypus, dingo, wombats.




How did you spend your weekend? Any new purchases for the week?

Dogs camera sushi

Hi all,

If you read the title – you are probably thinking what are dogs, camera and sushi all have in common? Well I wore this sausage dog printed blouse and this camera necklace when I went out to eat sushi 🙂

Sausage dog

Black on black



Hope you guys had a lovely V-day~ I told the bf that we didn’t need to celebrate it 🙂 Every day should be special 🙂

Have a lovely weekend! 🙂


Hi all,

We have had extreme heat waves here in Melbourne. Just yesterday it was 42 degrees! The low temperature was 30! I don’t even know how I managed to sleep. So as Summer seems to be continuing on (not that I’m complaining as I have heard about the snow storms in the states) I have been thinking of buying some new floral dresses or colorful ones.



What’s your favourite out of the two above?