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China pictures

Hi all,

This year I won’t be going on any overseas holiday – Quite sad really as I lovvee travelling, so in order to quell my inner PHD (Post holiday depression) I’m reminiscing on times past 😉 Here are some happy snaps from my China trip a couple of years ago.


These Terracotta warriors are an awesome sight and has to be seen in real life! The pictures don’t even do it justice! Up close they individually have different expressions and weapons. All are beautifully crafted. Lots of little souvenirs to be picked up there too. A beautiful place to visit in Xi-an


This was taken in Shanghai! The air is pretty polluted but this was a major tourist attraction there called the Bund. You will find hundreds of people trying to take it’s photo! It’s a sea of people!

This was a serene place – I actually can’t remember the name where it was (I’m not that good with remembering chinese names) We got to take a boat out on the river and relaxed in the breeze!


This is one of my favourite pictures – We got to ride around the whole city wall – Look at that pollution! But it was an awesome experience in over 30 degree weather! We got so tanned that I had a sunglasses tan! haha

Hope you are enjoying your week! The Olympics are nearly over! Any of you holidaying it up?




Today has been a mega tiring day at work! So today my post will be about my holidays! Last year I went to China and I was able to see some amazing things like the Terracotta warriors, the Great Wall of China
Enjoy the pictures!


The pictures don’t give you the feeling of immense awe when you are actually there! I can’t believe how big this place was and how intricate the details were on each warrior. No two warriors were alike.


Soup dumplings were delicious!! We rode around the walls and these are some pics! Then we got to see Tiananmen! Sooo many tourists but a must see!


Birds nest in Beijing! The great wall of China! Loved climbing it! Quite steep in some parts but it was breathtaking! Another must see!!

Missing holidays 🙂 But the countdown is on for my US trip! Yay!