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Market shopping

Hi all,

I don’t know about you? But I love going to the markets and searching for new treasures. This weekend I was able to go to one of the biggest markets we have in our area. It was extra hot today though so people were selling things fast to get out of the sun!


I picked up these earrings 🙂

and also the last Harry Potter book – The Deathly Hallows. I have read it before but a long time ago and I’m slowly getting the whole set. Basically brand new – $3 can’t go wrong 🙂

Happy weekend everyone! Any good markets in your area? Do you go? Any good finds?

Boxing day sales

Okay if you have read my previous post, I said I wouldn’t be attending boxing day sales. Okay so I lied.. well I got tempted and failed .. I woke up super early on Boxing day and then went online to see what time shops were opening! Myer was opening at 6.45am and David Jones at 7am so since I was already up I though to myself “What the heck – lets see what Boxing day sales are like” haha

I drove there and got there in time – Myer was already opened so I browsed through. I looked at different dresses but didn’t end up getting any. As I walked around the shopping mall I waited for different shops to open.

Here are some of the items I picked up :

 For my bro – just a simple top and he loves Tokyo

  For my sis – she loves baking!

 For moi 🙂 Some cute inexpensive earrings

For those who did attend Boxing Day sales – what did you pick up?  

Jewellery haul

Today I went shopping at DFO (Discount Factory Outlet) and I scored these rings, bracelets and earrings! All up for $10!! Bargain 🙂 I love costume jewellery and I love the color of this ring! Turquoise! The bracelets are very tribal and have lots of different patterns which I think is perfect for sprucing up an outfit! These earrings are also just plain but are a good basic 🙂


Organising your earrings

Here is a funky way to organise your earrings! Normally I would chuck all my earrings into a bowl or a box but with this method I can have them organised and ready for the picking when I need them.

All you need is a scarf that has lots of holes – a woollen one is perfect and all you need to do is hang all your dangly earrings into any of the holes. Hang the scarf on a clothes hangar and its perfect to hang on the back of your door or inside your wardrobe. You can even hang your necklaces on the hangar as well! Give it a go!