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House sitting and Giveaway winner

Hi all,

It’s time to reveal who has won my blogiversary giveaway winner: Amy from Coffeebeansandbobbypins.

I have sent you an email so please respond and I will get the prize out to you 🙂

On another note this weekend I went house sitting. I loved that the master bedroom had an ensuite and lots of closet space. When I design my own home I will definitely want a walk in wardrobe. The kitchen had a huge pantry and it was organised perfectly.

I love this idea for a floating bookshelf.

I also love this storage idea for space saving 🙂

Happy weekend everyone! Do you have any ideas for storage space saving?

Correspondence club

Hi all,

Have you thought that the art of letter writing is dying? Well it certainly is! With this day and age everything is so fast paced with emails, facebook, twitter, pinterest! So much social media and so little face to face interaction.

That’s where the correspondence club comes in. Started by Nnenna from starcrossedsmile she has come up with an awesome idea to get the letter writing art back to this day and age.

I just received my mail all the way from the UK. Thanks Suki 🙂 It was lovely. She sent me these cute earrings with a lovely handwritten card!

So if you are interested 🙂 Join in and go on to Nnennas blog under Correspondence Club and sign up 🙂

Striped shirt for work

Hi all,

Today’s OOTD consists of this Temp striped shirt. When I first bought it I was drawn to the colors and that there were different stripe widths. For work I don’t have to dress that corporately but sometimes I like to bring out a shirt and pair it with a fitted blazer and black slacks/pants. I’m wearing a checked scarf with it as its cold today!


On another note, I decided to do some water color painting – inspired by Bubzbeauty as she has recently started painting and there is a youtube guru Tim Gagnon that does amazing work. I thought I might dabble in it too.


And of course I couldn’t leave without adding some food pics of yesterday’s lunch at Oriental Spoon.


Has anyone dabbled in painting? What is your favourite business attire? Love korean food?