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China Trip

Hi all,

Sorry been MIA as I have been on holidays and then recovering from being sick. We went to China as a family for the first time. It was A’s first trip on a plane and I was thinking this would be hell if she didn’t sleep but thank God she slept like “a baby” and I was able to watch movies on the plane. Even on the trip back she was great and slept too. I watched Gone Girl and Lala land both were very different movies but really suspenseful and interesting.

So onto China. We went to a place called Taiyuan which is near Beijing and also another city Kaifeng. The weather was cold but still manageable even with a baby.



Some of the places had really beautiful scenery too.

Since A did so well on the plane we are planning our next trip. She was only scared of all the uncles that she met over there!

Have you guys been on any trips lately?

Day out

Hi all

It’s been a while since I last blogged. Time flies even when you are at home with a bub. We managed to scrape in a family day trip and since bub hates the car- screaming was a lot of the way. Thankfully it was a beautiful day and we walked around Geelong.

Alicia's first trip to Geelong

Alicia's first trip to Geelong

How has your week been?



Hi all
Feels like it has been a while. I’m currently 26 weeks pregnant and have come back from my babymoon. I knew I wanted a short getaway before baby comes and I get no sleep. We ended up going to Cairns and Port Douglas. It was lovely and the weather really turned up nicely.





We went to Hartleys Crocodile Adventure park and also sat on the sky rail. It was amazing and a great week off.

Hope you are all well 🙂




Dear all,

My sisters wedding was about a month ago and I managed to have some extra days later so me and the hubby went to movieworld. I hadn’t been to movieworld for a very long time so it was good to see it again. Though it looks very small now.
We tried every single ride.

Brisbane Brisbane

Brisbane Brisbane

I probably enjoyed the Green lantern ride the most and the superman one was scary too. Not sure if I’m too old for rides now haha

Have you been to any theme parks?


Hi all,

Been on a blogging hiatus because I have been in China for my 2nd wedding and having a holiday plus being sick when I came back didn’t help. But I will share with you some photos from my travels to welcome the new year 🙂






Tonnes more photos but here are a few to share 🙂
Hope to get back to regular blogging and outfits soon 🙂

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Hi all,

The past weekend I flew up to Adelaide to attend my sister’s engagement. It was the first time going to Adelaide so I didn’t know what to expect. A lot of people had told me it was a small town. One of the places that I enjoyed going to was a placed called Hahndorf which is a German village. It has a quaint town like feel and the buildings are pretty and the food was great.

Photos below are what I took of the town.





How was your weekend? Did you get up to much?


I’m back – Honeymoon pics

Hi all,

I have had a month hiatus but that was because I got married! The wedding went well with only a few minor hiccups but that didn’t ruin anything. The flowers were beautiful and the weather was perfect especially since I had a Winter wedding there was no rain!

So after the wedding we went to the Whitsundays which is off the coast of Queensland and I have to say the place was amazing for a relaxing and beach type holiday.


//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsThis was at Whitehaven beach – we took a racing sailing boat that came 2nd there and the sand was super white and soft and the ocean was crystal clear.



Look at that sunset – isn’t it amazing?


We saw sea turtles! and whales! That was my first time seeing these animals and it was breath taking


//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsWe snorkelled in the Great Barrier Reef and as it was my first time – I was a little scared but got the hang of it quite fast and it was amazing to see all the coral, fish, clams and the sea.


I have to say I loved seeing the palm trees every morning. I wish I could plant one in my backyard right now.


And to end – Gelato

Hope you are all well.

Have you travelled anywhere?

Regional travelling

Hi all,

So I went to some regional offices – Ballarat, Horsham, Bendigo and Shepparton and got to take some scenic shots and enjoy your food as per usual.



How good does this salmon look?

Sticky date pudding


Aussie outback

I love travelling to regional offices once in a while to get out of the city.

Hope you all are enjoying your long weekend


Brighton beach

Hi all,


For those who have yet to visit Brighton beach – this is famous for it’s beach houses. The beach is also lovely and long.





Weekend mode is here and I’m loving it. How did you spend yours?

Japan trip – Tokyo

Hi all,

Yes I have been on a blogging hiatus because of my holiday and I have enjoyed just being able to see so many things and eat so many things and just enjoy it. Now that I’m back I will be able to blog again and share some of my Tokyo photos.

We stayed one week in Tokyo and it was awesome. I love Japanese food people and culture so even with limited Japanese you should be able to get around as Japanese people are really willing to help you if need be.

We went to Tsukiji markets and had really fresh sashimi.



I love how you can get anything from a vending machine. These machines are everywhere.


We had to try the Katsudon here – Pork chop crumbed with udon noodles



We also headed to Disney sea and look at these cute toy story mochi sweets! They are adorable



We also went to the famous Asakusa – very touristy as you can see the sea of people.



This was my friend’s favourite food – Taiyaki – It has a crispy wafer like outside but inside there are different fillings you can choose from – custard, red bean taro and it’s delish!



Also Japan has the cutest dogs! All the puppies in the window are sooo cute and small.



We also had to try the Harajuku crepes. They are crepes with lots of different fillings – ice cream, cake, cream



And on the weekends some of the girls get dressed up as you can see with this pink girl here.



Ever wondered what Wasabi looks like – here you go!



Imperial palace

These aren’t even half the pictures I took but it’s a snapshot of my trip to Tokyo – stay tuned for the next round of holiday pics 🙂

Hope all is well with you all and if you have any holiday plans let me know.