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Wedding Guest OOTD

Hi all,


Seems like wedding season is in the air. I attended a wedding over the weekend and I helped out with flower arranging and decorating the night before till midnight. Boy was I tired! But it was good fun. This is my OOTD – It’s a floral ensemble that has oranges and dark blues and I paired it with a purple cardigan and maroon wedges.





The bride was gorgeous wearing a pleated flare maxi style dress with cute detailing at the bodice. The groom wore a navy suit and looked very smart and handsome.

The cutest thing was the flower girl who looked like she was channelling old hollywood glamour with a long white dress with a purple sash round her middle, clip on pearl earrings and a pearl necklace. She was loving the attention throwing rose petals down the aisle! Total cutie!



Food was delish as well with a candy bar and lots of different fingerfoods.

Who loves weddings?

Happy 3rd Blogiversary

Happy 3rd Blogiversary

Hello there readers,

I can’t believe I have had a blog for three years now 🙂 I didn’t think that from the beginning I would have kept it going for three years as I tend to start things and lose interest and let it drop off the radar. For Eg. Crocheting, any DIY craft haha

But I really have enjoyed blogging and reading other’s blogs and commenting and just having this network of bloggers that have similar interests.

Things I have learnt about blogging so far:
– Blog about topics that interest you not what you think will be the most popular as it sounds more meaningful and you will be an expert in that topic then trying to sound like you are in an expert in another topic. (if that makes sense)
– Make blogging fun – if it is starting to bore you or you dread to do it then maybe blogging isn’t for you.
– Set a time to do blogging as sometimes life can get hectic but if you make it say a weekly thing to do with your morning coffee or breakfast it gets you into a routine
– Some people may like what you blog about and some people don’t – everyone is different – you write for yourself as a priority and your readers will come
– Don’t blog for followers – I really don’t like the “I have followed you, please follow me” kind of mentality. If I wanted to follow you I will – you should just blog because you like it not for followers

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

I’m attending a wedding 🙂 Hopefully some OOTD to come 🙂

Luna Park

Hi all,

Another week has flown by. This week has been ok with a blood donation giving and a lot of ramen eating 🙂


Couple weeks ago I went to Luna Park and I haven’t been there in AGES. Since a child so it was good to relieve memories. It’s so much smaller now than I remember.


We enjoyed the beach walk and fish and chips 🙂




Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Spring is just around the corner and I can’t wait for warmer weather 🙂

Any plans for your weekends?


Hi all,

These are some of my empties for the month or I should say months.

From left to right starting with :


Neutragena Healthy Skin Liquid makeup
Review: This is the best foundation I have ever used from the drugstore. It goes on smoothly and even without a primer makes pores look minimal. It is long lasting and is moisturing. I wish they sold this in Australia as I would definitely stock up. I bought this while I was in the states last year.

Heroine Mascara
Review: I love this mascara. It is waterproof and I find that Japanese made mascaras do well for long lasting and not smudging. I have a whole post on this topic here.

Fairydrops Mascara
Review: This was my second most loved mascara. It is also made in Japan and the formula is good as it gives you volumnious and long lasting lashes

Dollywink Eyeliner
Review: I love this eyeliner as it is long lasting and waterproof. It is Japanese and the pen is like a felt tip so it is easy to draw the line.

Heroine Eyeliner
Review: I bought this eyeliner after my dollywink eyeliner ran out. It didn’t disappoint. It has a felt tip like pen tip however it has more product so a little more liquidy. Overall I still like this one as it is waterproof and sticks fast.

So these are some of my holy grail drugstore products.

What are yours?


Melbourne Aquarium

Hi all,

Another weekend has come around 🙂 The other week I went to the Melbourne Aquarium.


Having only been here once before when I was younger I was interested to see what changes there have been made.

Now I see a lot of interactive areas plus a lot more organised way of going through it.



I really enjoyed looking at the jellyfish. For some reason these creatures are so mysterious yet beautiful.



And nothing says an aquarium without seeing a shark!



And the penguins were so cute!


Look at this guy!!

Hope you have a fun filled weekend!