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Jewellery haul

Just went shopping and picked up some great jewellery pieces. I’m already in love with this peacock ring and have been wearing it often 🙂 It actually goes well with my minty polish 🙂

I also picked up 2 necklaces. One is blue and green with different charms on it and the other is a little more feminine with charms on it too.


I also picked up this bangle collection with a heart, bird and pearl charms. The label said Antique Rose. It actually does look quite vintage and feminine. I can see it paired with a feminine dress.

Happy Tuesday to you all and hope that your long weekend break has given you the motivation to work harder 🙂 Hehe at least its a short week!

Tangerine nail polish

There was thunder and lightning last night after we had the most beautiful summery weather yesterday. That’s Melbourne for you! Four seasons in one day! I have been wearing this tangerine orange nail polish for the past 2 days. It’s from Rimmel and I love the color of it. Today, I wore this orange flower necklace to pull my outfit together.

Also I had some bubble tea from Ten Ren’s but the quality wasn’t very good. I had lychee milk tea with lychee jelly. Can’t wait to try the real stuff in Taiwan!

Lace tunic top

I’m loving lace tops especially for work under a black blazer, it gives some femininity to the outfit.
A while ago, a friend gave me this top. I love the detailing of the front lace panel. It actually used to have ruffles on the bottom but I didn’t like it so I altered them off. So now it’s great for work or paired with some black leggings for a more casual look.
Today, I wore it with a black blazer, lightly pinstriped black pants and with this heart necklace.