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Hi all,

If you are a regular reader you will notice that I love eating 🙂 And have a tonne of food pics 🙂 So last weekend I went out to brunch with a friend which I don’t do that often so when you do you have to indulge right?

We ended up going to the Coffee Club. I ordered Eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce and a hashbrown 🙂 and washed it down with a chai latte 🙂

Eggs benedict

Chai latte

Also one of my cousins recently came back from her holidays and she brought me these maple syrup lollies from Canada! They do taste like maple syrup!

Maple treats

Hope you have a lovely weekend! I will be off to Brisbane for a mini getaway and a wedding 🙂

Simply black and white

Hi all,

Winter is approaching. It is the last week of Autumn and here in Melbourne everyone turns to black clothes – which I don’t mind. This is what I wore to work on casual Friday.

Black and white

Black boots, black cardigan and white lace long top with a sun necklace 🙂

Hope you are having a happy Monday!

Bronze nails

Hi all,

We have had a spurt of spring-ish weather lately – and this has made me want to rock brighter colors.
So on my nails I have donned bronze 🙂 With an orange maxi 🙂 You can still wear maxis in Winter right?

Bronze nails

Hope you are having a lovely Tuesday 🙂

Do you still wear maxis in winter? If so, how?

Blue shirt

Hi all,

I like a good shirt and I do like the classic white shirt with the black detailing but I saw this one that was in blue with black detailing and was drawn to it.

Though the sizing wasn’t the greatest, I did like the style and I will be looking for one when I go to the States in Sept 🙂

Black and blue shirt

Wearing – Ann Taylor red top and Coco Latte purple cardigan, DIY polka dot skirt

I do hope the weather gets better – we have had rain pouring this whole week! I’m missing sunny weather!

Wedding weekend

Hi all,

This weekend I went to my friend’s wedding dinner. We had it at a korean restaurant and the vibe was really good and the food was delicious not to mention the service was exceptional. We all had the banquet. Food pics start now 😉


We had a sashimi entree and the flavours were fusion western/korean. We also had lots of grilled meat on a hot plate.


Topped it off with these awesome black sesame icecream dessert and I loved the idea that they had smeared chocolate round the sides of the cup!

Blue cupcake

The bride and groom had prepared cupcakes for all 🙂 Theme was blue 🙂

Overall, it was a lovely night 🙂 Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!


Hi all,

A couple of weeks ago we had a public holiday which gave me a chance to take out my new car for a spin 🙂 We headed down to Frankston which is near the beach and they also had a sand castle display. It was nice exploring the area and just relaxing for the day 🙂 Enjoy the pics 🙂

Sand castles

. Pier


Hope you all have a lovely weekend 🙂