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Dress shopping

Hi guys,

Hope you have been well. I have been on the hunt for a dress for my sister’s wedding so I tried on these two numbers:



Tell me which one you prefer?


Doughnuts and dresses

Hi all,

So I have been lusting over or should I say craving madly for cronuts! Ever since I lined up for half an hour in New York and now back in Melbourne we don’t have them 😦 I have been wanting to eat them!! Why is it that when you don’t have something you want it even more?? So my sister who loves baking found a recipe on the internet for cronuts and gave them a whirl 🙂 They aren’t exactly the same but they are still damn good 🙂




I have been looking at dresses lately because I feel they can be dressed up or down and tried on these two. What do you guys think?

Dress 1

Dress 2

Hope you all have a great weekend! Ours is rainy… and we are a week away from Summer??

Bright Monday

Who likes to go back to work after having a relaxing weekend? If you put your hand up or fist pumped the air then you must be one of the lucky few who love their job to bits! Though I do not loathe my job and I do enjoy it, I enjoy my weekends more! So I decided to spunk up the office with something bright.

 Wearing : Espirit orange cardigan, Jayjays red tank, Valleygirl floral skirt

Went shopping at DFO and went to Jay jays and this season I’m loving florals! I saw this floral dress – it was cute but when I tried it on – the cut wasn’t very flattering so I put it back 🙂