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30 days to go

Whoa has it been 5 weeks since I last uploaded to my blog? Time flies when you have a wedding to plan and when you become sick and you are also studying! People think I’m crazy trying to do it all at once and maybe there is some truth to that craziness but thankfully I have finished part of my study which I can put on hold till after the wedding.

So the countdown begins. I have my bridesmaid dresses and have had my first fitting so just one more to go and tying up the loose ends and I can see the ray of sunshine at the end 🙂

Readers, please give me your advice to what you do when there is so much to do but not enough time 🙂 Or give me some relaxing tips 🙂

Thanks so much by sticking by and should be back to posting soon 🙂

Wedding files

Hi all,

So the wedding prep has started – I have my dress 🙂 and I have picked bridesmaid dresses and we have a venue down pat 🙂

This was one that I looked at but the color was too bright.

I also had a look at this dress but this isn’t the one 🙂
Engagement photos are coming and a makeup trial 🙂
I have been having a lot of wedding dreams lately – it must be on my mind!

Hope you are all doing well 🙂

Wedding no. 2

Hi all,

So the past weekend I attended another wedding. This one’s theme was classy – with very simple roses as flowers and a lot of magical fairytale table decorations.


The bride was gorgeous and the groom didn’t look that nervous.



I wore a flower printed dress with a maroon cardigan and maroon pumps.



One more month and I will be on holidays to Japan! Can’t wait!
Are you attending any weddings or what about any upcoming holidays?

Wedding Guest OOTD

Hi all,


Seems like wedding season is in the air. I attended a wedding over the weekend and I helped out with flower arranging and decorating the night before till midnight. Boy was I tired! But it was good fun. This is my OOTD – It’s a floral ensemble that has oranges and dark blues and I paired it with a purple cardigan and maroon wedges.





The bride was gorgeous wearing a pleated flare maxi style dress with cute detailing at the bodice. The groom wore a navy suit and looked very smart and handsome.

The cutest thing was the flower girl who looked like she was channelling old hollywood glamour with a long white dress with a purple sash round her middle, clip on pearl earrings and a pearl necklace. She was loving the attention throwing rose petals down the aisle! Total cutie!



Food was delish as well with a candy bar and lots of different fingerfoods.

Who loves weddings?

Perth wedding

Hi all,

I’m back from my mini holiday and it was great fun but too fast 😦 *as it always are with holidays* Back to reality! The wedding I attended was beautiful and the bride was too~~ Here are some snippets 🙂 *warning pic heavy*


We made cookies – bride and groom for the wedding 🙂


Here it is – finished product 🙂

Beautiful flowers

This is what I wore.  A maxi dress with green purple and orange

This cake was made by one of the aunties there. So professional 🙂

One of the many foods after the ceremony – its a Malaysian jelly dessert.

Overall it was a beautiful day 🙂 Sun was shining and everything turned out except somehow the bride lost her wedding ring?? Slipped off? So we were looking for it after the ceremony! I’m sure it will be found soon 🙂

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Garden wedding

This weekend I was able to attend my relatives wedding. The only thing was the weather was sooooooooo cold! Literally raining! and it was a garden wedding!!! I felt so sorry for the bride to be but she was stunning!! So all of us were shivering in the cold surrounding the gas heater. It was a beautiful wedding. The groom had to choke back tears as he read his vows and later two of their friends serenaded them with their favourite song – Lucky by Jason Mraz. Here are some pics of the venue and her dress.


She had made all these different decorations and the flower girls were gorgeous. Their mum had made their dresses which was very impressive.

After the wedding we all headed to the house which was nearby and ate scones and drank tea because it was soo cold while watching the Grand final game – Go the Cats!

Later the reception was really beautiful as well – very cozy for around 60 people attending so it was a small wedding. There was a photo booth set up so we went crazy on photos! There was fingerfood like springrolls, quiches and chicken skewers and the tables were arranged in countries that the couple would like to head off to. I was on the Belgium table – great architecture and chocolate!


Food was delicious. Started with soup – Pumpkin/coconut or Minestrone, Main was Salmon or the chicken and dessert was chocolate mousse with balsamic vinegar or sticky date pudding.



The wedding cake was made by one of the grooms aunties and it was delicious!! The wedding dance was sweet 🙂

Overall it was a beautiful wedding and all the best to the newly wed couple!! 🙂