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Black trench

Hi all,

It’s been quite a stressful week at work so time for some retail shopping. Tried on these blazers and outerwears and I didn’t actually expect to pick up anything but maybe because I was stressed it triggered my buy buy buy mood πŸ™‚


Striped blazer. I think it’s a little too out there for me to wear to work.


The blazer was too long for my liking – returned


Creamy trench – looks nice in the photos but it was actually quite top heavy – returned


Bingo! A win! I bought this one home with me πŸ™‚ Classic black trench


Had to add a favourite place I tried – “I Love Pho” is the restaurant and their pho is awesome. Pho is beef noodle soup!

Happy weekend everyone!

Have you bought something onΒ a whim because you were stressed?

Petite Fashion Challenge #16: Summer Wedding

Petite Fashion Challenge #16: Summer Wedding

This month’s PFC is hosted by Lauren from Petite onΒ a Penny. Check out her site to see the other entries!

The challenge:Β  Summer Wedding–Create an outfit for a summer wedding (the dress code is up to you). For bonus points (and this is what I’ll be doing!) try to make your whole outfit, head to toe, come in under $100! (Or, exclude shoes and accessories to meet the $100 mark.)

Okay this challenge is a little difficult for me – as I’m in the southern hemisphere πŸ™‚ Nevertheless I will still break out into something summery for the challenge πŸ™‚

This dress is from Valley Girl for about $30. I love that this can be something for a wedding but if you layered a blazer over it – it could be work appropriate πŸ™‚ Shoes are $10.

This is the bag I would use with this dress. It’s my mums so price is 0.

Overall price $40.00.

Great challenge and make sure to check out the other participants πŸ™‚

Happy snapping

Hi all,

This weekend, I had a more relaxing one so I took this opportunity to take some photos! I love taking photos but sometimes just don’t get a chance to take some. I will let the photos speak for themselves πŸ™‚

Happy Monday everyone! What do you guys do to relax?

Polka dot nails

Hi all,

To continue with the polka dot obsession, I did polka dot nails. Super easy to do. I used Rimmel’s wine not polish as the base coat and then dotted with Ruby’s palm cove and Sally hanson’s mint sorbet. You can customise this to any color you want by changing the base coat or the dots. If you don’t have a dotting tool you can use a bobby pin πŸ™‚

Happy weekend everyone!

Favourite apps

Hi all,

I haven’t got an iPhone but I do have an iPod touch and this is basically like an iPhone but without the call capabilities. I love apps! So here’s some of my favorite apps!

Instagram – this is a photography app where you can share your photos to the world. You can use different filters to change your photos. People can follow you or you can like other people’s photos. I love using instagram to record what has been happening in my life and to participate in #photoaday

Pinterest – Now it is so much easier to see all the photos that people pin up. With this app you can scroll through and see all the beautiful photos! It always makes my day when I see all the pretty pictures πŸ™‚

Weatherzone – I use this as my “weatherman” It is very accurate and compared to the default app that you get on the iPod or iPhone this one works perfectly with a 7 day forecast and even the percentage of what the chance of rain will be *which is important in Melb – 4 seasons in one day haha*

Sim simi – I only just downloaded this app. It is like your virtual friend who messages back with funny responses when you message him back. I just find this app totally amusing and for the entertainment factor.

Draw free – I love this game! Even if you can’t draw it’s a very entertaining app that you can play with your friends. It’s basically like pictionary and you can earn coins which will help you buy colors.

What are your favourite apps?

Polka dots

Hi All,

I can’t get enough of polka dots! After purchasing this polka dot skirt for $3.33 haha I wore it to work today with a cobalt blue top and neutralised it with my black cardigan πŸ™‚ Besides my stripes obsession I think I have found my new print πŸ™‚



With my dangerfield plaid outerwear – love wearing this in Autumn πŸ™‚


Happy Tuesday to you all πŸ™‚

Love hearts

Hi all,

I went on a mini shopping spree yesterday and picked up a bargain! Three items for $10! They were probably on sale because a lot of them are summer items but hey who am I to not take on a deal πŸ™‚

I got this heart top which I absolutely love. Half of it is cotton, the back half is a sheer kind of material. Even though our weather down under has been going colder and colder I still managed to wear this for casual day with skinnies and boots.20120518-183458.jpg

I also picked up a striped singlet – which reminded me of something nautical and lastly I picked up this polka dot skirt which I think I can incorporate into winter with leggings and then break it into summer too!

Have you bought things on sale because it belonged to another season?