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Wintry day

Hi all,

It has been starting to get really cold and chilly and this has been my OOTD
Skirt with tights and just changing the scarfs around. Today I wore a polka dot maroon one.


What do you like to wear in Winter?

30 days to go

Whoa has it been 5 weeks since I last uploaded to my blog? Time flies when you have a wedding to plan and when you become sick and you are also studying! People think I’m crazy trying to do it all at once and maybe there is some truth to that craziness but thankfully I have finished part of my study which I can put on hold till after the wedding.

So the countdown begins. I have my bridesmaid dresses and have had my first fitting so just one more to go and tying up the loose ends and I can see the ray of sunshine at the end 🙂

Readers, please give me your advice to what you do when there is so much to do but not enough time 🙂 Or give me some relaxing tips 🙂

Thanks so much by sticking by and should be back to posting soon 🙂