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What’s in my bag

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I have done a “Whats in your bag” so I decided to have an updated one :


So this is the bag I’m currently loving. It’s from a brand called Mocha and I have had it for about 2 years now and is still a go to as it’s great for everyday.


2016 Typo planner – I just recently picked this up and it is great for being organised especially since I have started back in uni.

Mocha wallet – This was a gift around last year. I needed a new wallet and this one has card slots and a zip around that I can carry all my cash in.

Tony moly banana hand cream – I have seen this on youtube and the blogisphere. Maybe I’m late to the band wagon but when I saw this store in China I thought to pick it up and it smells divine! Just like bananas and it’s quite moisturising too.

Pencilcase – This is where I keep a couple of pens – never know when you need a pen right?

Mintia – This is from Japan – tastes like grapes! I love grape flavoured lollies and sometimes you need a little sugar hit.

Sunglasses – They are from Cotton On. I can’t buy expensive glasses because I’m always losing them or breaking them so I always stock up on Cotton On ones as they are inexpensive, trendy and I can afford to lose them or break them

Bandaids – I don’t know why I have a stash of these – but hey you never know when you need one right?


So what’s your bag? Let me know as I like everyone else is nosy!

What’s in my bag?

Hi all,

I just saw a fun post on instagram the other day about what’s in my bag and I always love looking at what is in other people’s bag (That’s the sticky beak in me hehe) So I decided to empty my bag out to see what’s in there and here is what I foundPhotoGrid_1412156557849


1. Headphones – I always have them in my bag in case I want to listen to music on the train or people leave me voice messages that I don’t want the whole world to hear.
2. Currently reading this book by Barrack Obama – Dreams from my Father – It’s actually quite an interesting read about his days before he became a politician. I love reading on the train and makes my travel to and from work fast. I also have the daily free newspaper that I read quickly for all the goss and entertainment news
3. My trusty wallet – I bought this overseas in the states and it keeps all my cards and cash well in there. I also have a coin purse that I got for my birthday
4. A notebook for any moments I need to jot down ideas, pen, and keys
5. My beauty products – I have a sportsgirl palette that has eyeshadows, bronzer and a lip gloss in there – handy for emergencies, sunscreen , eyedrops, EOS lipbalm
6. Sunglasses – now that’s warming up to Summer – this is definitely needed and some random Bowling coupons.
There you go πŸ™‚
Hope you enjoyed it – would love to see what are your go to bag items πŸ™‚

Friday Photo Meme – What’s In Your Bag Edition

Hi all,

After seeing Shinyprettythings blog about Yumeko’s Friday Photo Meme, I decided to give it a go too πŸ˜‰

1. Cell phone – need to get onto the smart phone bandwagon πŸ™‚ Just waiting for the iphone 5 to be released πŸ™‚

2. WalletΒ 

This is my Anna Sui wallet from HK – it’s from the markets so it’s not “real” but I still love it and carries all my cards!

3. Something in your wallet

Love vouchers and I carry them everywhere I go! Look at that $2 whopper and fries from Hungry Jacks! Even the homeless wouldn’t starve with all the vouchers I have!

4. Makeup you carry on the go

This is what I carry around – my “essentials” as they say πŸ™‚ : Eyelash curler, Kiss me mascara, Smashbox lipgloss, Dollywink eyeliner, Best dressed palette, Missha powder

5. Whatever else you want to share in your bag

I always carry around with me a notebook and some sort of candy – haha snickers at the moment πŸ˜‰ and I have this peanut and jelly sandwich sanitiser that I don’t really use but is there in my bag just for fun.

This was something fun to do πŸ™‚ Feel free to have a go yourself, I would love to see what you guys have πŸ™‚