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NOTD – Hues of orange and pink

Hi all,

The weather here has been on and off. At the moment it is pleasantly nice and today I’m sporting these nails:


They remind me of Hawaii or somewhere tropical. I used Palm Cove pink as the base layer and then just on the ends I used Rimmel’s Tangerine Queen.  Later I konad stamped some of my nails with a flower design.


This definitely reminds me of Summer!


On another food note, I tried out a restaurant called Shine and I haven’t been there for 5 years! So they have changed management. The portion size of the dips seems small but the pumpkin one was delish!  The cajun caesar salad was on the salty side but overall tasty! 🙂

Hope you’re all having a great start to the week so far 🙂


Ebay items

Hi all,
It has been a restless night for the most of Melbourne due to the weather here. It’s still going to be hot today! Waiting for that cool change tomorrow. For those who have been reading my blog, they will know that I only recently delved into ebay shopping late last year. So just wanted to show a couple of items that I have picked up 🙂

Owl necklace – I actually really love this and it was super cheap!

Turqoise bangle – this matches a ring that I purchased

3 pcs Korean Style Leather Double Wrap Belt Bracelet Fashion~
Leather bands – these are quite funky and good for small wrists

Similar to Konad stampers – ever since buying a konad set from the US I have been looking for cheap plates/designs and I came across this one for $12.95 which is half price of the original konad stampers and they work equally well.

I did buy a scarf which turned out to be a dud and I got a refund but I haven’t really delved into buying clothes from ebay yet.

Last of all – due to post Boxing day sales there have been items still on sale – picked up this makeup train case with 3 blushes, 2 eye pencils, 2 lip pencils, 4 nail polishes, 4 lipsticks, 4 eye palettes, and a couple of brushes. I haven’t used a lot of them yet but I think this is awesome for people who are delving into makeup for the first time as it has so many things!

Checked and flowered nails

Hi all,

Hope you had great 2012 new year celebrations 🙂 In Melbourne it is going to be 40 degrees today! Scorcher of a day! It will most likely be spent at the shopping mall – airconditioned!! haha So here is my NOTD.

I actually recently got this new nail stampers – they are similar to Konad nails (which I love btw) but they are half price and you get  5 different designs 🙂

I like the checked design and the flower design.

I look forward to experimenting with different designs and colors 🙂

Has anyone picked up the Konad stampers? Any good color combinations or design combinations?

Konad nails – NOTD

Today’s NOTD is a pastel pink color and I put a gold glitter over the top and then did a konad nail print on top of that. It is perfect for Summer as it is bright and cheerful. I love how Konad nail prints are so easy to do and there is no drying process. As soon as you print it on the nail it is dry! So I think this a perfect gift idea if you have friends that love doing their nails! I got mine for about $30 US and it comes with 2 plates, 3 polishes and the scraper and stamper. This will last for a long time so its a great investment 🙂

Here are some pics I took today of some decorations they have at the Crown Casino 🙂


It’s nearly the weekend woo hoo 🙂


Konad Nails

I love nail polish and changing up my nails probably weekly. So when I saw Konad nails I knew I wanted to get a set. I found a stall that sold them in the outlets in Las vegas so I got the basic set.

For those who don’t know what they are – they are basically nail polish that you can stamp onto your nails as decals but they are very fast drying and last long. You can reuse the plates and always buy more and different designs. The process of putting them on are really simple too.  Put some nail polish on the design plate you want – use the scraper to scrape off excess nail polish. Get the stamper and stamp the design from the plate to your nail and VOILA : )    

Has anyone tried this? What are your favourite nail designs??