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Florals and stripes


This is what I wore today. My floral H&M dress and my striped cardigan with black skinnies and black flats 🙂 it’s still quite cold! We even had snow yesterday in the mountains!! In summer!! It’s crazy!!

Thank God tomorrow is Friday! Hope your week has flown 🙂 it’s nearly the weekend!!

Fashion trends that reoccur

Hi all,

The other day I was looking through my mum’s old photos of when she was in her teens and early 20’s and I noticed that a lot of the trends that you see now were trendy back then! For eg. Leopard print! She was sporting a leopard print jumper and I had one too as a little kid! Who knew that leopard print would make a come back!!

Another eg was pussy bow shirts and tops! She was wearing some very feminine pussy bow tops and I wish she still had them so I could wear them now!


Another trend was florals and maxis! They are definitely making a come back this summer!

So the conclusion of the matter is – trends come and go but no doubt they will slowly emerge back again after a decade or so! Just slightly modified 🙂

Bright Monday

Who likes to go back to work after having a relaxing weekend? If you put your hand up or fist pumped the air then you must be one of the lucky few who love their job to bits! Though I do not loathe my job and I do enjoy it, I enjoy my weekends more! So I decided to spunk up the office with something bright.

 Wearing : Espirit orange cardigan, Jayjays red tank, Valleygirl floral skirt

Went shopping at DFO and went to Jay jays and this season I’m loving florals! I saw this floral dress – it was cute but when I tried it on – the cut wasn’t very flattering so I put it back 🙂

Stripes, spots and florals

Who would have thought that these 3 different patterns would make a complete outfit. This is what I wore today. I think the trick is to have the colors similar in each pattern – for eg I chose black and white. You should choose one pattern to be “louder” than the others while the other 2 should complement the bolder pattern.
I chose this striped cardigan which is black and gray where the stripes are quite faint. I also chose this spotty skirt where the white dots are also quite faint and then I chose this floral top that is much bolder in pattern.

Today has been the hottest it has been for a long time – just a taste of Summer! 29 degrees!

Also tried on this white blazer at Temp