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Leopard, stripes and fur

Hi all,

This is what I wore on the weekend. I would call it Preppy with a hint of funk.

<Wearing: Red outerwear from Charlotte Russe and leopard scarf>

I did my hair in an easy bun.

<Wearing: Striped navy and pink boyfriend cardigan: Factorie>

Banana republic cargo pants

Red outerwear jacket with fur hoody

Leopard scarf

Accessories: Owl necklace>

Melbourne weather has been pretty unpredictable. Even on an Autumn day it can feel like Winter so I had to whip out this Charlotte Russe outerwear jacket which is really nice and warm but sure enough in the afternoon it felt like summer so I had to whip it off 🙂  Happy weekend everyone!

Vintage find

Hi all,

Recently we have been tidying out our garage and stumbled across a box labeled shoes and bags. I found amidst the box a beautiful vintage leather bag which I later found out belonged to my mum – maybe 20 years ago! It is beautiful! and I have already worn it once today.


I think I love it more because it belonged to my mum – so its sentimental yet vintage!

{Wearing: F21 Cardigan, Lace tunic top, Skinny jeans, Owl necklace, Vintage bag}


Have you ever found any items like this? Things you treasure because they are sentimental?

Ebay items

Hi all,
It has been a restless night for the most of Melbourne due to the weather here. It’s still going to be hot today! Waiting for that cool change tomorrow. For those who have been reading my blog, they will know that I only recently delved into ebay shopping late last year. So just wanted to show a couple of items that I have picked up 🙂

Owl necklace – I actually really love this and it was super cheap!

Turqoise bangle – this matches a ring that I purchased

3 pcs Korean Style Leather Double Wrap Belt Bracelet Fashion~
Leather bands – these are quite funky and good for small wrists

Similar to Konad stampers – ever since buying a konad set from the US I have been looking for cheap plates/designs and I came across this one for $12.95 which is half price of the original konad stampers and they work equally well.

I did buy a scarf which turned out to be a dud and I got a refund but I haven’t really delved into buying clothes from ebay yet.

Last of all – due to post Boxing day sales there have been items still on sale – picked up this makeup train case with 3 blushes, 2 eye pencils, 2 lip pencils, 4 nail polishes, 4 lipsticks, 4 eye palettes, and a couple of brushes. I haven’t used a lot of them yet but I think this is awesome for people who are delving into makeup for the first time as it has so many things!