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Shopping in SF

Did I tell you that shopping in SF is awesome? It is!! I spent so many hours just walking down Powell st going into nearly every shop. Started off with H&M then headed to Forever 21, Old Navy and Ross. Shops were closing so I couldn’t get to shop in Westfield but I did sneak a peak inside and it looks huge! I can’t believe the prices here and even the beauty products in Walgreens are really good! Today I will be doing a segway tour. Hopefully I don’t fall off. Tomorrow I depart SF by car – this will be the first time we drive on the other side of the road. It’s gonna be scary and fun at the same time. We will be heading down to Santa Barbara and will be going to see the Hearst castle. Pictures will be coming when I reach back home. It’s hard to get pictures here as computers are harder to access 🙂
Happy Monday everyone!

Enjoying san francisco

I’m blogging from San Fran at the moment. What a beautiful city. I realised they call trams – cable cars! haha And they don’t say “takeaway” they say “to go” but yeah its been sooo good. I have visited Fishermans wharf, Coit tower (Thanks Kileen for mentioning it) Alcatraz at sunset.

I have yet to shop but it reminds me of Melbourne. Lots of little boutique shops and cable cars and a wharf. If I can upload some photos in the next few days I will do so 🙂 Loving it! Weather is perfect!

Enjoying LA

Hi everyone.

I.m blogging from my phone so excuse any spelling errors! I.m lovin LA weather. Its actually like summer! I have been to a lot of touristy destinations like the walk of fame, kodak theatre, universal studios. I got to hang out at the grove yesterday and shopped! Forever 21, GAP; Banana republic, J crew. Loved it and picked up lots of cosmetics from cvs! Today we head off to vegas!

Goodbye Melbourne! Hello USA!

Today is the day that I’m leaving to the US! I doubt I will be blogging while I’m overseas. So I will be MIA 🙂 But I will be back with lots of photos and stories to tell 🙂 Plus lots of shopping!! If I do manage to get to a computer I will try and upload a photo or two 🙂 But in the meantime 🙂 check out some awesome blogs that I love reading:

Extra Petite : from Extra petite has awesome fashion sense and her pictures are always so professionally done.

Jen – – Jen has great charisma on her youtube videos and she does great beauty and makeup tutorials.

Wendy – – She is an inspiring woman who has followed her dreams in fashion and I love her simple yet chic blog looks 🙂

Nelah – – Nelah has great honesty and is very relate-able. Her fashion blogs and photos are all so beautiful.

Kileen – – Kileen has great fashion sense and her outfits are always different! If you ever want ideas on outfits – here is the place to go!

Sewpetitegal – She has just given birth to a baby and is still blogging – I admire her fashion sense and she was one of the first people to comment on my blog 🙂

Tiffany – I love the photos on this blog. She has some great DIY projects and I love her fashion style.

Shinyprettythings – – She always has something really  interesting on her blog – I think her blog name really reflects what she blogs about 🙂

Carrie – – New to the blogging world she is in the search to become a pencil-skirt-rockin’, artfully accessorized woman.

Questforfashionsense – She has great fashion sense and I think I can relate to her because she is in the legal industry 🙂

Thanks for all who visit my blog 🙂 Means so much to me 🙂 Next stop – LA 🙂

Accessorise your look!

Whenever I feel like my outfit needs some dressing up I always add accessories! I loove accessories and can spend hours looking at jewellery! Today I wore these bracelets – a shell bracelet from one of my close friends and this peach bead bracelet. I can’t wait to shop for jewellery overseas! Last day of work Yay!


Sparrow sequined top

Today I needed something quick to wear so today’s look is a casual look :                    

Wearing: Sparrow sequined top – one of my faves. Denim jacket and new jeans and I’m out the door

I have been procrastinating packing – so I will do so after this blog!

   I leave you with these pics I took in the morning 🙂

Happy weekend everyone



A hobby is hard work you wouldn’t do for a living

I found this on my calendar this morning and really related to it – because blogging has become my hobby and I have really started to enjoy it. But if I had to do it for a living I know I couldn’t/wouldn’t because then the fun part of it would definitely disappear and I would find it a chore to do.

Today’s OOTD is this: (Sorry photos aren’t that good quality – used my Ipod)


I’m wearing my new jeans that came with this huge belt which I love. Top is a bird designed top that can be worn inside out from Factorie and my scarf is from China.  Cardigan is striped from Jayjays.

Happy Friday everyone – more like weekend now!! One more day of work to go before I leave to the US! 🙂