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Girls night in

Hi all,

Have you ever wanted to know what you would do if you had a girls night in? Personally I miss those days without a baby to hang with your girlfriends and have a girly night. This is what my friends and I would get up to :

      • Everyone bring some food to share for the night – whetherΒ  it be home made treats or some junk food or some dips – I’m a foodie after all


    • Set up a nail station where we can get our nails done (I have a gel mani set that is great for these kind of events)


  • Chill with a Netflix movie – probably a chick flick like 27 dresses or some other rom com
  • Have a good old chat and gossipy session – I love hanging out with my girlfriends and finding out what is happening with their lives while eating

Eventbrite has a resource for you to book a girls night out or in and create that one of a kind day with the ability to track registrations online.

So tell me how would you plan your day?

Nail inspiration

Hi all,

As Spring is here – it means that you can break out all the fun bright colors on the nails so I have been going to my pinterest board for inspiration.

Look at this fun floral print!


Or if you like pastels

Which do you like?

Blue valentine nails

Hi all,

How did you celebrate your valentines day? Or maybe you didn’t at all. I didn’t really celebrate it but enjoyed the early CNY celebrations.

I wore these blue nails with an accent heart on the ring finger to give it a “valentine” inspired look.







We enjoyed the snacks at the CNY celebrations! Always love the food!

Hope you have a great weekend! Did you get up to anything?

Pink party nails

Hi all,

Lately for my birthday I got shellac nail set which has some fun colors and UV light set. They work great and last about 2 and half weeks but getting off the actual nail polish is a little bit hard and time consuming.

Today I have gotten back to good ol fashioned nail polish.


This one is from Sportsgirl and has a pink base with pink blue and neon yellow polka dots in it.

What colors are you sporting now?

Glitter nails

Hi all,

Having already booked two holidays calls for a celebration πŸ™‚ And what more can make you feel happy with newly painted nails πŸ™‚ These are the nails I have been rocking the past week πŸ™‚

Glitter nails

I just used rockster party from Sally Hansen on my accent nail.

Nail polish haul

These are the nail polishes I picked up on my last trip to the States. I noticed that I picked up a lot of spring pastel colors πŸ™‚

Hope you are all having a great week so far. What is your next nail color? Any recommendations?

Mickey nails

I got inspired by seeing Mickey nails on Elles blog and decided to do my own spin on them πŸ™‚


I started with a base coat of mint and then used a nail dotting tool (you can use a bobby pin) to create the mickey heads. I used a silver glitter polish as the accent nail on the ring finger.


Happy weekend πŸ™‚ Not long to go before my trip to New York! And I would like to thank you all for your lovely comments on my last blog entry when I was feeling sick πŸ™‚

Bronze nails

Hi all,

We have had a spurt of spring-ish weather lately – and this has made me want to rock brighter colors.
So on my nails I have donned bronze πŸ™‚ With an orange maxi πŸ™‚ You can still wear maxis in Winter right?

Bronze nails

Hope you are having a lovely Tuesday πŸ™‚

Do you still wear maxis in winter? If so, how?

Mint silver

Hi all,

Usually in Winter or Autumn, nails tend to change with the season and they go darker and in Spring and Summer – nails seem to be brighter and pastel! Due to the everchanging weather in Melbourne I get the opportunity to change up my nails to brighter colors because of the Spring like weather we have been basking in πŸ™‚

Mint nails

I did mint nails with a silver french tip and for my ring finger silver.

How are you doing your nails this season?



Hi all,

We just got the forecast for this week – it will be all 30 and above! So even though we are officially in Autumn – we are still experiencing Summer temperatures but I’m not complaining as I love Summer πŸ™‚

I decided to wear some bright colored nails – Red base and this BYS sparkly pink on top. My ring finger has a bronze color with a nail decal and more sparkles on top πŸ™‚


On the weekend I got to travel to Mt Dandenong which has these awesome trees πŸ™‚


And I discovered this new Mexican place in the CBD – Guzman Y Gomez and I love it as it reminds me of the US Mexican that I miss πŸ™‚

Burrito bowl

Happy Monday everyone!