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Goodbye 2013

Hi all,

Tomorrow is the last day of 2013! Can’t believe it 🙂 This 2013 has been an eventful one 🙂 I was able to go to America and Canada 🙂

Here are my popular posts for the year 🙂

DIY Tshirt into Bag 


Black speckled Nails

Black speckled nails

Fashion trends that reoccur


PFC challenge – Pin-spiration


PFC challenge

Savoury Croissant

Savoury croissants

Hope you all have an amazing 2014!! Mine was spent in the city watching the fireworks 🙂


DIY Card

Hi all,

I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately 🙂 Who gets sucked into watching them like me?? hehe I stumbled across this card making YouTube tutorial and it inspired me to make my own card 🙂
It was my friend’s birthday coming up so I decided to make her a card 🙂 She loves Paris and I thought this was a pretty nifty idea and who doesn’t like heart felt hand made cards 🙂

What you will need :

Any Plain or colored cardboard

Cutting knife and board or scissors

Picture that you want to use

Ruler and pencil


What you need to do is really easy – I created a stencil of 3 different rectangles, use your ruler to create even rectangles and cut them out with your stanley knife or scissors.

DIY card

Place  this stencil to trace around your preferred picture and then cut around your picture.

DIY card

Then on colored paper/cardboard – arrange the picture so that the rectangles are on slight angles and voila 🙂 Card done!

DIY card

Happy Thursday everyone!

DIY Card

Hi all,

Did some DIYing this weekend 🙂 Made a whole bunch of cards and it’s great as you can be as creative as you want and you can personalise it to whoever you choose.

All you need is some scrapbooking paper, cardboard, glue  and good ol imagination 🙂





It’s sad the Olympics are coming to an end! Hope you have a great weekend~!

NOTD – Minted

Hi all,

It’s nearly Friday 🙂 At the moment my NOTD is by Sally Hansen – Minted. I bought this over in the US when I went to CVS. Today I’m wearing my shell bracelet – gifted from a friend and this peach colored bead bracelet. I think the colors go really well with each other. Last of all is my heart necklace! I actually bought this from a market and has been a favourite casual necklace for a while! This weekend is Chinese new year! Can’t wait to gorge down food!


Also I just learnt how to make this beaded bracelet from Carrie. The tutorial is from here. It was quite easy to make and fun 🙂

I adjusted the way I did it because I didn’t have the same materials. I used glass beads which were bigger than the size 8 seeded beads and I used wire instead of waxen linen cord 🙂

Overall I’m happy with my home made bracelet and layered with other pieces I think it will go well as an added accessory to my collection 🙂

Will you try it out? Let me know 🙂


Bottled stars

Hello all,
It’s officially holidays here!! Woo hoo 🙂 So this is a gift idea 😉 May take a little while but I think it’s very cute 🙂 I got gifted one ages ago. It’s a jar of bottled stars 🙂

What you will need:

Empty glass bottle

Long paper strips

Stickers for decoration

Patience 🙂


1. Get long strips of paper at about 1cm width and about 20-30cm long. (You can actually use old wrapping paper and cut into strips or use any colored paper)

2. Make a flat knot at the end to start the star. Should look something like this.

3. Proceed to fold the paper around the edges of the the hexagon shape. It should go naturally and cover the whole shape.

4. With that last piece of paper – tuck it into one of the edges.

5. Time to make the star – pinch the corners together


6. Do that with all corners to make the star.

7. Put the stars in a jar and decorate the jar! Hey presto – you have a cute decorative gift 🙂

Let me know if you give this a go 🙂 Happy holidays everyone!! 🙂


DIY T-shirt to Bag

After I saw Sewpetitegal create this DIY T-shirt to bag I knew I had to try it out 🙂 She did hers with a long sleeve top but I created mine with a normal t-shirt top.
I don’t have pictures of what my t-shirt looked like originally *hehe I forgot to take pics*
But this is what it looked like after 🙂

Basically the steps in making it was:
Cut across the sleeves of the t-shirt so you have a rectangular shape – you can decide how big or small you want the bag to be but I just cut straight across and made that the size of my bag.

You will also need to cut a smaller rectangular shape for the bottom of your bag. So make sure you have some material left over to do this.

Using the sleeves of the Tshirt I used this to make the handles of my bag.

Now its time to start sewing. Sew the smaller rectangular to the bottom of your bag. *Make sure to fold it inside out first so the seam is on the inside.*
Sew the handles to the tops of your bag. *I find that if your handles are too long you can always knot the bag to make it shorter*

Bonus feature: Add two strips to the front of the bag – for a belt to go through and then you can tie a ribbon around it. You might want to add one more strip at the back of the bag for more stability and voila 🙂 Your tshirt bag is done.

I recommend giving this a go 🙂 I’m not a very good sew-er but I managed to do this! You can turn a t-shirt that you don’t wear much anymore into a much loved bag!