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Glitter nails

Hi all,

Having already booked two holidays calls for a celebration 🙂 And what more can make you feel happy with newly painted nails 🙂 These are the nails I have been rocking the past week 🙂

Glitter nails

I just used rockster party from Sally Hansen on my accent nail.

Nail polish haul

These are the nail polishes I picked up on my last trip to the States. I noticed that I picked up a lot of spring pastel colors 🙂

Hope you are all having a great week so far. What is your next nail color? Any recommendations?

Mirror Mirror

Hi all,

It’s nearly the end of the week 🙂 We have had blustery windy days and then sunshine days. The weather can’t make its mind up. I’m so glad that all the shows are coming back 🙂 Once upon a Time, The Bachelor, Beauty and the Beast, Revenge, Glee (oh episode 3 is super sad)



My OOTD – Leopard scarf, Khaki jacket, Striped shoes, and my new bag.

Some new purchases – I found this denim skirt for $6 – I have been looking for one 🙂 I think they are very versatile.

Denim skirt

I tried these paisly pants and they were cool but I didn’t end up getting them.

Printed pants

At the moment this is my go-to OOTD, I’m loving this khaki leather jacket and this colorful scarf.


In my hotel room in the USA – loved the mirrors there 😉



Hope you all have a lovely weekend 🙂 We are having high temps again 🙂


In New York

Times Square

Continuing on with my holiday posts 🙂 I have made it to New York!

First impression (don’t hate me New Yorkers) ..
The city smells.. and it was dirty and chaotic…
but the good points was the FOOD 🙂 and that everyday something was happening 🙂 Lively city with hustle bustle
I learnt that New Yorkers jay walk all the time even to the point where I had to pull my friend back before being run over by a taxi!


Never have I seen so many taxis in one place! It was really convenient to travel by taxi 🙂 and I was impressed by the subway and bus systems as compared to Melbourne  – they feel like it was more frequent.

Lobster roll

I had my first ever lobster roll at the Chelsea markets 🙂 And it was delish! I wish we had these back in Melbourne!

Chelsea market

We walked the High line and got this refreshing cranberry popsicle from People’s pop 🙂 Delish!

People’s pop

Of course we had to go to Grand Central station – It’s really pretty and I heard that if you whisper in one corner of the room – a person in the other corner can hear you 🙂

Grand central

One day we wondered for hours in central park 🙂 It was nice and serene 🙂

Central Park

This is not even half of the pictures I took in New York 🙂 I might post some OOTDs to break up the holiday posts 🙂 TIll next time ! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

New York


I Heart Quebec

Cobble stone streets

Hi all,

Continuing with my holiday posts 🙂 Here are some more happy snaps. So after Niagra falls we did a three day tour – We did Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec 🙂 I love love love Quebec! It feels like you are in Europe – as everyone speaks French! Ordering Mcdonalds in Quebec was hilarious as we only knew how to say “Je ne pa parle Francais” – I don’t speak French and Parle Vous Anglais? – Can you speak English? haha



Notre Dame

The buildings are all so beautiful 🙂 and walking down we came across this Macaron shop and me being a sweet tooth needed to try one.

Pistachio macaron

It was delicious! It wasn’t the prettiest macaron I have seen but it was DELICIOUS 🙂 I love finding secret hole in the wall places that surprise you with awesome food!

Till next post 😉 Hope you have a great weekend!