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Pink pants

Hi all,

Still on the hunt for colored pants – still can’t find cobalt blue. But I tried these hot pink ones on.


I don’t know if I would wear them often enough.. so they stayed on the rack..

Are you guys still into colored denim/pants? What are your latest lust haves?

Bright blue skirt

Shopping on my lunch time again I saw this bright blue skirt with really cute square buttons on the side so I had to try it on. I love the color of it but I’m not 100 percent sure if I like it enough to buy it. I was also trying on a white pair of denim jeans but it didn’t fit right so I didn’t buy that and last of all I tried boot leg cut jeans in a maroon color which was an ok fit but didn’t scream “buy me” so I let that one go too.


I love window shopping – gives me a chance to see what is out there and because I normally go regularly I get to see if there are sales for items I have kept an eye on. The only bad thing is I tend to be buying something at least once a week when I should really be saving ^.^