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Wintry day

Hi all,

It has been starting to get really cold and chilly and this has been my OOTD
Skirt with tights and just changing the scarfs around. Today I wore a polka dot maroon one.


What do you like to wear in Winter?

Winter peekaboo

Hi all,

Even though it is officially Summer over here we have had Winter come to say hello to us again so even though I was going to pack away all my winter gear it looks like it was good that I didn’t.

Wearing: Rust skirt, tights, striped tee, red scarf and black outerwear

Hope Summer comes soon!! 🙂

Scarves – great accessory

Scarves are definitely a great accessory to any outfit! Especially if you are wearing one color – it can always spruce up any outfit! Here are a couple of my favourite scarves!


The first one is one scarf but on one side there are blue flowers on it with a white background – on the other side is plain grey. I got this from a friend but it adds so much to an outfit.

The second one is made of vicose and is very light – great for summer or spring and has a flower print but looks a little tribal.

The last one is a very versatile scarf with purple, teal and black colors. You can use it many different ways as its so long!


Organising your earrings

Here is a funky way to organise your earrings! Normally I would chuck all my earrings into a bowl or a box but with this method I can have them organised and ready for the picking when I need them.

All you need is a scarf that has lots of holes – a woollen one is perfect and all you need to do is hang all your dangly earrings into any of the holes. Hang the scarf on a clothes hangar and its perfect to hang on the back of your door or inside your wardrobe. You can even hang your necklaces on the hangar as well! Give it a go!