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Petite Fashion Challenge #22

Hi all,

Another PFC challenge 22 This is one by Preponderance of Fashion

The weather outside is frightful, but indoor shopping is warm and delightful. So, whether you have wind, rain, or snow, show me your clothes when shopping for friends or foes!

Purple and scarf

I have been loving purple lately and this blazer is perfect for the office and also for shopping in your lunch break. Because the temperature can fluctuate between outside and inside I like to have a scarf 🙂 You can wrap it around your neck for warmth but if it gets too hot you can also take it off and carry it in your bag or tie it to your bag as an accessory. Even though down here in Australia its actually Summer but inside it can get cool with the air con so a Summer scarf does the trick 🙂


I love the pattern on this scarf  – its so summery 🙂

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Petite fashion challenge #19: Trend Benders

Hi all,
Today’s PFC challenge is hosted by Pandaphilia.
A fun challenge where you needed to Pick your favourite Summer or Fall 2012 trend and make it work for you, whether it’s going all-out, incorporating it into a professional outfit or using it in moderation. For example – how would you bend this neon brights trend into something in sync with your personal style? Challenge yourself – you might even take something you think would never work on you and get creative! Extra brownie points if you can use your trend in more than one look.
I chose the trend – Pastels as we are in the Spring/Summer phase right now in Melbourne 🙂
This mint green pastel shirt top can be dressed up or down to make it a casual look or to wear during the office.
Paired with a lace vest and jeans – perfect for a casual look


Add a blazer and you are ready for the office and tuck in with a black pencil skirt.


If your office is more casual than corporate you could wear it like I have on the left. I don’t like to wear full on pastels so I like to pair it with a neutral color like black.


This was a fun challenge 🙂 Check out the other entries on Pandaphillias blog page.

Petite Fashion Challenge #16: Summer Wedding

Petite Fashion Challenge #16: Summer Wedding

This month’s PFC is hosted by Lauren from Petite on a Penny. Check out her site to see the other entries!

The challenge:  Summer Wedding–Create an outfit for a summer wedding (the dress code is up to you). For bonus points (and this is what I’ll be doing!) try to make your whole outfit, head to toe, come in under $100! (Or, exclude shoes and accessories to meet the $100 mark.)

Okay this challenge is a little difficult for me – as I’m in the southern hemisphere 🙂 Nevertheless I will still break out into something summery for the challenge 🙂

This dress is from Valley Girl for about $30. I love that this can be something for a wedding but if you layered a blazer over it – it could be work appropriate 🙂 Shoes are $10.

This is the bag I would use with this dress. It’s my mums so price is 0.

Overall price $40.00.

Great challenge and make sure to check out the other participants 🙂

Petite Fashion Challenge #13

Hi all,

This is my 2nd petite fashion challenge. This time it is hosted by Reallypetite. Check her out 🙂

This month’s challenge is:


Stylish for under $100: Put together a professional outfit (excluding shoes and accessories) for under $100.

If you can, please break down the price of each piece to your outfit. The lower the price of the completed outfit- the better! Bonus points if you can put together a completed outfit including shoes and accessories for under $100.


Wearing: Thrifted ruffle top  -$1 (yep you read it right $1), ZARA work pants – $20 (bought overseas)


Blazer – Jayjays – $5 on sale


Scored these at Sportsgirl – $9.95

I decided I liked them tassel-less so I took them off.

So that’s my outfit – Total : $35.95! I definitely am a bargain hunter at heart 🙂

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Petite Fashion Challenge # 12

Hi all,

Check out Khatu – iamkhatu.blogspot.com for other participants and her entry!

This is my first PFC! The challenge was : “From Night to Day: Restyle a glamorous look that you would typically wear for a night-out-on-the-town into daytime casual wear. Bonus points if you can restyle it for work”

So I took this dress that I love – its a red black and white summer flowing dress and paired it with a denim jacket, tights and booties and add some bling and I’m ready for a night out.

To change it into daytime casual wear I changed the denim jacket to a cardigan and got rid of the tights and went for sandals. It’s really easy to transform something from night to day 🙂 Change your accessories – from a black bag to something more casual – this tangerine bag and we are ready to go meet some friends for brunch or lunch 🙂

You could even wear this number to work. Change the cardigan to a black blazer and some black work shoes and tada work appropriate wear 🙂

This is another combo with my favourit Old Navy boots I picked up from an outlet store when I was over in the US 🙂

Great challenge 🙂 and if you are interested in seeing what others did please refer to khatus blog 🙂