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Braids and flowers

Hi all,

I have been meaning to showcase this dress I bought – super cheap too I might add but it’s a great addition to my wardrobe as I think it would look great in Winter or Summer 🙂


Also recently I have been sporting my hair in this braid 🙂


Recently I went ice skating! I was soo bad at it haha but it was a whole heap of fun plus sore ankles 🙂

Have you guys tried something new or something old but haven’t tried in ages?



Hi all,

I didn’t do a very good job of doing April photo a day challenge 🙂 So many things were going on this month – so hectic!
But if you guys want to : photoadayMay is out 🙂

Here are the last couple of photos I did for April 🙂

19. Orange – These were cute teapots in T2.


23. Vegetable – What we had for dinner one night 🙂


25. Looking down – Checking out my shoes 🙂


26. Black and white – Melb buildings 🙂 I think buildings always look good black and white


I’m going to try and do a better job in May – mainly via instagram 🙂 ID: katatak99 if anyone wants to follow 🙂

Have a great weekend 🙂





Petite Fashion Challenge #15: Chic Pin-spiration

Petite Fashion Challenge #15: Chic Pin-spiration

This time the PFC challenge was hosted by Long live classy. Check out her site to see the other entries.

The task was to :

Chic Pin-spiration– Find a pic of an outfit you love on Pinterest, and re-create it the best way possible!
Be sure to post the pic of your outfit inspiration in your post as well!

This is my pinterest inspiration – Cee from Brighten my day. I love how the outfit is quite simple yet stylish and I had most of the items to recreate this outfit.

Here is my take 🙂 It’s colder where I am now so I threw on a cardigan and added some accessories. I actually had a scarf too but left it back in the office 🙂

Wearing: H&M striped top, Cotton On Black cardigan, H&M skinny jeans, Valley girl loafers

This was a fun challenge and I am obsessed with Pinterest!!

Check out the other entries at Long live classy.

Leopard and pleats

I have been shopping on my lunch breaks – what else will a girl do?

Tried on this pleated black and pink skirt but very unsure with it. Probably need a more fitted top to see if it would go but didn’t scream out to me buy me – so returned


Tried on this leopard and black dress. I really like the peter pan collar but I don’t think I like the overall fit of the top part. Verdict: Return and think about it.

How have you been shopping lately? Bought anything good?

Somewhere over the rainbow

Today was one of those rainy days – so dreary and wet and plus the fact that I left my umbrella at work which means I got soaking wet in the rain. But the thing that brightened up my day is 1. It’s Friday! Who wouldn’t be happy on this day? and 2. There was a beautiful rainbow shining in the sky.
There were actually 2 rainbows! DOUBLE RAINBOW! (Cue funny youtube video)

Today I’m wearing my new polka dot scarf 🙂 I would say the color is Aubergine with grey peach dots. It is super warm too! I think I will be using this a lot in winter. Paired with my plum dress and denim skinnies 🙂



  Happy Weekend everyone! I’m so ready for this one 🙂

#photoadayApril Progress

Hi all,

Even though I posted about #photoadayApril I have actually been really slack with posting up photos via instagram. I think April has just been one of those crazy busy months where you don’t know where time has gone. I was very disciplined for March and was able to participate every day but April I have just been posting photos when I could.

Here are the ones that I have done so far 🙂

2. Color – One of the many mugs I use around the house 🙂


5. Tiny – This is something I have in my room – It is totally cool and minature. I love all the details and how it’s very ancient looking.


6. Lunch – We went to a picnic and this is what we ate 🙂


10. Cold – Weather has been cooling down so this is a pic of my sis scarf


13. Something I found – I just spotted this in a random place near my desk – new fave accessories


16. Flower – When I went to a wedding last month, one of the gifts for the guests was this flower with a ferrero roche in it 🙂


2 more weeks to go – see how I do 🙂 Need some more time this month! Time is flying sooo fast 🙂

Interview – starcrossedsmile

Hi all,

Time for another interview. Today we have Nnenna from starcrossedsmile. I recently stumbled across her blog through another blog and joined up with her correspondence club.

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1. Tell us what your blog is about and what inspired you to start blogging?

My blog is about fashion, beauty, knitting, and really anything that makes me smile!  I started it in the summer of 2010 when I doing an internship abroad in Spain and I thought it would be a fun way to chronicle my adventures.  That was also around the time that I first discovered the world of fashion blogging.  I was really inspired by seeing real girls wearing clothes I could really get myself, so I hoped I could also inspire someone else in that way 🙂

DSC 01861 600x902 Bring Back Those Sunny Days

2. How do you choose what you blog about?

Oh gosh, it really varies from week to week!  I keep meaning to have an editorial calendar where I plan everything out in advance, but that doesn’t always happen 😉 My outfit posts are not as frequent as they used to be, because I no longer have a good indoor space where I can take them if I don’t have my photographer friend to help me, but I try to get up 2-4 outfit posts a month.  I’ve transitioned into more of a lifestyle blog since I started, so that means I’ll also share things around my home, meet-ups with other bloggers and friends, events I’ve attended recently, and more!  Then since I’m a nail polish addict, I like to share my weekly manicures and since I’m also an avid knitter, I also share personal projects I’m working on or things I sell in my Etsy shop.  So as you can see, I’ll blog about anything and everything that’s related to my life!

3. Your blog has a lot of NOTD’s – what is your current favourite nail polish?

Eesh, that’s a tough one!  Well, right now I’m really loving bright/bold colors that really stand out, so I would have to say that I love Zoya Creamy.

4. I love how you started up correspondence club – what made you come up with it and how has it grown?

Well, a few months ago, for some reason I started thinking about this pen pal I used to have and wondering about how she was doing.  Then I thought about how fun it would be to connect with bloggers around the world in another way, through the art of letter-writing!  Also, I love stationery and sending/receiving mail so any excuse to do more of that seemed like a good idea to me!  I was really nervous about posing the idea on my blog because it wouldn’t really work if no else wanted to participate.  Luckily, several people signed up for the Correspondence Club that first month, and we’ve been growing a little bit in the following months. We’re now at 13 members and I would love for us to just keep growing and growing! 🙂

March Correspondence Club Collage Correspondence Club: March 2012

5. Makeup, shoes, nail polish or bags?

Nail polish! Shoes would be my second choice, but I think I show a lot of expression in the way my nails are painted 🙂

DSC 0003 e1329761372685 600x422 On Nnennas Nails #9: Flirty Polka Dots and My Julep Maven Box

6. I have to throw in a random question – what is the scariest thing you have done?

Hmmm, the scariest thing for me to date was being a senior in college and having no idea what I was going to do after I graduated! The whole job-hunting process was really long and tough, but I was so lucky that I got offered a job the Friday before I graduated (I know, seriously cutting it close!).  The second scariest/toughest thing was apartment-hunting in New York City.  I’m not sure I’ve fully recovered from the stress and I’m so not looking forward to the next time I have to do it!

7. What’s your favourite destination to visit?

Hands-down it would have to be Spain!  I’ve been twice- the first time I went with my best friend and we spent a month studying n Madrid and then about a month visiting her family in a different part of Spain.  My best friend’s family was so warm and welcoming and really made me feel at home in a strange country.  I then went again the following summer to work an internship and it was just as amazing being there again.  I love the language, the food, the people and the different feelings of each of the cities in Spain I’ve been to.  I could seriously go on and on about how much I love Spain- I’m dying to go back!

8. What is on your latest wish/lust list?

Fashion-wise, I’m so ready to pick up some new pieces for spring!  I would love to add some colored denim, more florals, mint colored clothes, floral denim, and bright/fun shoes to my closet!  Also on my wish list is a new computer and/or an iPad- I’m so ready for an upgrade!

Spring Trends Mint 600x735 Spring 2012 Fashion Trends

9. What advice do you give new bloggers who are starting out their own blogs?

My advice to new bloggers would be to remember that it’s your blog.  It’s so easy to get caught up in what other people are doing or to blog about something in particular because it’s popular and that’s what everyone else is doing, but if it’s not you, then there’s really no point.  Your unique perspective and your unique voice is what will separate you from other bloggers, so you should focus on cultivating that.  My other piece of advice is to connect with other bloggers in real life.  Not only is a ton of fun to meet up with other bloggers, but it’s a great way to make new connections and get advice from other bloggers who’ll know what you’re talking about when you say “OOTD!” 🙂

DSC 0044 600x560 Etsy Shop Update: Headbands Galore!

10. Lastly, tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know?

Something that most people wouldn’t know is that I’m the pickiest eater!  My friends make fun of me about this all the time and claim that I only have one food group- white foods (such as bread, rice, pasta, etc…)!  There are a lot of foods that I don’t like, but the ones I do like I could eat for days and days! 😀

Thanks Nnenna for letting me interview you 🙂 For those who haven’t checked her out. Go and join up the correspondence club 🙂