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New bag and Healesville Sanctuary

Hi all,

Over the weekend my bf bought me a new handbag because the one I bought from Indonesia broke on me only after using it for 1 month! Heartbroken!

Mocha bag

It’s such a cute navy satchel bag that can be used as a side bag and also carried by the handle.

We went to a place called Healesville Sanctuary – there are all Australian wildlife there and we got to see kangaroos, koalas, platypus, dingo, wombats.




How did you spend your weekend? Any new purchases for the week?

DIY T-shirt to Bag

After I saw Sewpetitegal create this DIY T-shirt to bag I knew I had to try it out 🙂 She did hers with a long sleeve top but I created mine with a normal t-shirt top.
I don’t have pictures of what my t-shirt looked like originally *hehe I forgot to take pics*
But this is what it looked like after 🙂

Basically the steps in making it was:
Cut across the sleeves of the t-shirt so you have a rectangular shape – you can decide how big or small you want the bag to be but I just cut straight across and made that the size of my bag.

You will also need to cut a smaller rectangular shape for the bottom of your bag. So make sure you have some material left over to do this.

Using the sleeves of the Tshirt I used this to make the handles of my bag.

Now its time to start sewing. Sew the smaller rectangular to the bottom of your bag. *Make sure to fold it inside out first so the seam is on the inside.*
Sew the handles to the tops of your bag. *I find that if your handles are too long you can always knot the bag to make it shorter*

Bonus feature: Add two strips to the front of the bag – for a belt to go through and then you can tie a ribbon around it. You might want to add one more strip at the back of the bag for more stability and voila 🙂 Your tshirt bag is done.

I recommend giving this a go 🙂 I’m not a very good sew-er but I managed to do this! You can turn a t-shirt that you don’t wear much anymore into a much loved bag!

Shopping at 8am?

Today was an eventful day because I got to visit one of our regional offices and go into court. It was very interesting to see how the court system works.

I also managed to do some quick shopping because some shops were opened at 8. I saw this cute bag on display in witchery and these wedge shoes. I couldn’t try them because that shop only opened at 9.


But I did pick up these cute black boots on sale for $8. They will be perfect for colder days. I also got this white shirt for $5. I like the sleeves and the front pockets and last of all I couldn’t resist and picked up this Rimmel wine colored nail polish which is perfect for fall or Winter.


OOTD: Black blazer, floral skirt (that used to be longer but I shortened it) and floral top. I love this bag that I bought from HK night markets. I use it a lot as its soo roomy inside and has this tag that is great for travel ticket – just swipe on and off.


What’s in your bag?

I have seen a lot of “what’s in your bag” blog entries and decided to do my own. I don’t know why I’m fascinated at what are in people’s bags or purses but I guess it gives you little ideas here and there about what other people bring and what products do other people use.

So this is what I bring in my work bag:
1. My pass – to get into the work building

2. Keys – looks like a whole heap and I probably don’t use them all!

3. Lesportsac makeup bag

4. Loreal matte morphose

5. Chapsticks – Burts bees and lipsmackers

6. Umbrella – still a little rainy season here even though its spring 🙂

7. Anna Sui wallet (bought from HK)

8. Notebook and pen – from Typo (great for jotting down any ideas)

9. Sportsgirl best dressed palette

10. Sunglasses – from Temp

11. Mobile phone – E63 Nokia and headphones

Most days I will bring my lunch to work and usually eat out on Fridays 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!