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Become a tourist in your own city!

Have you taken for granted your own city that you live in? Have you ever become a tourist in your own city? Well that’s what I did today. Today was Grand final parade for football – Cats vs Magpies. Tonnes of people hit Melbourne city! I was one speck in that crowd. I managed to take some nice photos as well 🙂 So enjoy! and Happy Friday!


My beautiful city – Melbourne


  Police on horses 🙂

Tribal nails

My nails started chipping so I thought it was time to do something new. This look is called tribal nails – they kind of look missoni inspired too 🙂

All you will need is 2 pastel colored nail polishes – I chose this mint green and this pastel purple. Make sure the colors work well together.
Paint every other finger purple and the remaining ones the mint green. Get a nail brush or a toothpick and dab some purple nail polish on some plastic and start painting the lines on the mint green nails. You can do any design you like. I started off with some stripes and then added some polka dots. I have already been complemented on them – they look complicated but they are secretly not 🙂

Give them a go and let me know what you think!

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Today I am in the hunt for electric blue pants/jeans. I tried this pair on but they were too baggy around the waist but perfect for my calves. I also tried it with this detailed sequined top. I love the black one and how its got cut out shoulders.


But today was so gloomy as you can see in the pictures!

I’m still on the search for those blue pants! Maybe US will help curb my appetite for clothes!

Stripes and rust colored skirt

Today I decided to pair a stripe tee with my trusty blazer and add a rust colored pencil skirt to finish the outfit.
Accessories: Heart beaded bracelet and this infinity ring from Sportsgirl.


Also tried on this pink dressy skirt in Temp but it was too long and a little itchy – the material and I tried on these red pants but I didn’t like the fit and the color was a tad too bright for my liking.



Bright Monday

Who likes to go back to work after having a relaxing weekend? If you put your hand up or fist pumped the air then you must be one of the lucky few who love their job to bits! Though I do not loathe my job and I do enjoy it, I enjoy my weekends more! So I decided to spunk up the office with something bright.

 Wearing : Espirit orange cardigan, Jayjays red tank, Valleygirl floral skirt

Went shopping at DFO and went to Jay jays and this season I’m loving florals! I saw this floral dress – it was cute but when I tried it on – the cut wasn’t very flattering so I put it back 🙂


I never knew what Macarons were until this was this cooking show called Masterchef where they showcased this dessert chef who made the best and most creative desserts I have ever seen and one of his specialties is macarons! My sister has a love for baking but she recently started a small business making macarons.  Macarons are delicious and usually have a ganche filling.


Shopping at 8am?

Today was an eventful day because I got to visit one of our regional offices and go into court. It was very interesting to see how the court system works.

I also managed to do some quick shopping because some shops were opened at 8. I saw this cute bag on display in witchery and these wedge shoes. I couldn’t try them because that shop only opened at 9.


But I did pick up these cute black boots on sale for $8. They will be perfect for colder days. I also got this white shirt for $5. I like the sleeves and the front pockets and last of all I couldn’t resist and picked up this Rimmel wine colored nail polish which is perfect for fall or Winter.


OOTD: Black blazer, floral skirt (that used to be longer but I shortened it) and floral top. I love this bag that I bought from HK night markets. I use it a lot as its soo roomy inside and has this tag that is great for travel ticket – just swipe on and off.


Packing essentials

There is less than 3 weeks before I’m off to the US west coast and so I though I might blog about packing. If you are like me- I love packing! It gives me the feeling that I’m going somewhere – A HOLIDAY! But I loathe unpacking because after you come back from a holiday all you want to do is just reminisce all of holiday memories and not come back to reality.

This trip will be like a shopping holiday so I have been told to “pack light” So I have decided to bring my big luggage and have a small carry-on bag.

Essentials to bring:
Good pair of jeans, top and walking shoes
Mobile phone, sunglasses, money/credit card and ticket!
Makeup and accessories

Those are my essentials because the rest I can buy overseas.

What are your essentials?

Tangerine nail polish

There was thunder and lightning last night after we had the most beautiful summery weather yesterday. That’s Melbourne for you! Four seasons in one day! I have been wearing this tangerine orange nail polish for the past 2 days. It’s from Rimmel and I love the color of it. Today, I wore this orange flower necklace to pull my outfit together.

Also I had some bubble tea from Ten Ren’s but the quality wasn’t very good. I had lychee milk tea with lychee jelly. Can’t wait to try the real stuff in Taiwan!