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Doughnuts and dresses

Hi all,

So I have been lusting over or should I say craving madly for cronuts! Ever since I lined up for half an hour in New York and now back in Melbourne we don’t have them 😦 I have been wanting to eat them!! Why is it that when you don’t have something you want it even more?? So my sister who loves baking found a recipe on the internet for cronuts and gave them a whirl 🙂 They aren’t exactly the same but they are still damn good 🙂




I have been looking at dresses lately because I feel they can be dressed up or down and tried on these two. What do you guys think?

Dress 1

Dress 2

Hope you all have a great weekend! Ours is rainy… and we are a week away from Summer??

Foodie weekend

Hi all,

Who doesn’t love food? I tried this place called Red Spice Road and it has a delicious menu for $25 you can have 3 mains and an entree.


This entree was really fresh – you just wrap it up in the leaf and eat it 🙂

Beef curry

Our first main was beef curry – the meat was really tender and it wasn’t too spicy

Prawn salad

Our next main was prawn salad – it had a lot of zing and spice but the prawns were cooked perfectly and not rubbery

Caramelised pork belly

Last of all was this caramelised pork belly. It was the best thing ever!! With a crunchy outer layer and a moist inside the best part was the sauce!!

I definitely recommend anyone going there just for the pork!!

Hope you all had a good weekend 🙂

Which color would you choose?

Hi all,

It’s the weekend again 🙂 Funny how some weeks fly by and some weeks don’t even though they are the same amount of time. This week was one of those good weeks that flew by. I went to Temp to try out some tops. So the question is: Which one would you choose? Blue? Mint? or Coral?




Have a good weekend everyone and please let me know in the comments below what you would choose.


Magnolia, Flat Iron and Statue

HI all,

So continuing with my holiday posts in New York 🙂 I really wanted to try Magnolia bakery as I had heard so much about their cupcakes 🙂 And they didn’t disappoint 🙂 I’m a lover of red velvet cupcakes and I not only got the cupcake but also the whoopie pie ice cream version. One word: Delicious!

Magnolia cupcakes

Magnolia whoopie pie


I also got to go to the Flat iron district and I love this building 🙂 It is so cool!

Flat Iron building

And also taking the Staten Island Ferry to go past the Statue of LIberty was one of my ticks off my “To do travel List”

Statue of Liberty

Last of all – We didn’t realise how many bags and wallets we bought! I love USA Sales 😉

Bags and wallets galore

How was your week so far? Been travelling? Been shopping? Tell me about it 🙂

P.s I’m on a public holiday at the moment and loving it 🙂