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Feasting galore

Hi all,

My weekend was jam packed from doing mothers day to having our church dedication where we had sooo much food. So for all you foodies out there here are some food pics *warning pic heavy* heehe 🙂

Sushi 🙂


Inari and Caesar salad


Strawberry cake and my homemade cupcakes

Macarons my sister made 🙂


Truffles and blueberry muffins


Cakes and fruit.

As you can see, I loved the dessert section 🙂 and saved most of my stomach for that 🙂

Happy Tuesday!!

OOTD and macarons

Hello everyone,

Just a quick OOTD before I head out. Today was forecasted to be top of 30 but late thunderstorm so I wore this :

Wearing maxi dress Temp and over the top Just jeans flower top (sorry for the dark pic)

On another note look at these cute macarons my Sis made! aren’t they adorable??


And on another food related note – I ate at Mezza Lebanese restaurant. The food was delish and they had belly dancers! haha



Don’t ask me how we finished most of the food? haha It was delicious though! It was funny how the waiters couldn’t really speak english too – so you knew it was authentic haha. Overall a great experience!

Happy weekend everyone!


I never knew what Macarons were until this was this cooking show called Masterchef where they showcased this dessert chef who made the best and most creative desserts I have ever seen and one of his specialties is macarons! My sister has a love for baking but she recently started a small business making macarons.  Macarons are delicious and usually have a ganche filling.