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Missoni inspired maxi + delicious dumplings

I went to a small boutique and saw this maxi dress. I loved the print – reminded me of the hype with Missoni at Target. I think I’m liking maxi dresses. I’m not 100 per cent sure if I should get it or not.

Has anyone tried to wear a maxi as a shorter skirt?


On a food note, today at lunch I went to this asian restaurant. My friend and I tried the prawn spring rolls and they use a different skin wrapper which made it extra crunchy. It was delish and we also had red bean pancake! That was good as well and some pork shanghai dumplings!


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Tribal nails

My nails started chipping so I thought it was time to do something new. This look is called tribal nails – they kind of look missoni inspired too 🙂

All you will need is 2 pastel colored nail polishes – I chose this mint green and this pastel purple. Make sure the colors work well together.
Paint every other finger purple and the remaining ones the mint green. Get a nail brush or a toothpick and dab some purple nail polish on some plastic and start painting the lines on the mint green nails. You can do any design you like. I started off with some stripes and then added some polka dots. I have already been complemented on them – they look complicated but they are secretly not 🙂

Give them a go and let me know what you think!