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Correspondence club

Hi all,

These last two months I have been joining the CC Club. It’s like a penpal system where you can get snail mail from all around the world. For more info you can click on the button on the right hand panel.

This month I received mail from San Diego πŸ™‚ Since I have been there it was so exciting to see the postcard and receive a bracelet from Mexico.


This is what I sent out to my penpal πŸ™‚

Receiving any sort of Snail mail is one of my happiest moments πŸ™‚ Always love receiving good ol fashioned postal mail πŸ™‚

Happy weekend!

Flower nails

Hi all,

I decided to use my Missha nail stickers to jazz up my nails. This is just a flower stick on and it just makes your nails all that more interesting without taking too much of your time πŸ™‚

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Travel dreams

Hi all,

It’s the weekend! It has been a hectic week yet it has flown by. Next month I will be visiting our regional offices and it will be great to see the countryside. But it got me thinking of what other places I would love to visit. So I checked out my travel board on pinterest and noticed I had pinned a lot of beautiful places.

This is a beautiful picture of New York which I will be visiting next year πŸ˜‰

Look at the colors of this photo πŸ™‚ So pretty! It’s in Greece!

Beautiful pictures of lush green grass and mountains in Bulgaria

I love this picture of all the houses in Italy πŸ™‚

Happy dreaming everyone! Any tips on future places to visit especially in the NY, Boston, Chicago area would be appreciated πŸ™‚

Petite fashion challenge #19: Trend Benders

Hi all,
Today’s PFC challenge is hosted by Pandaphilia.
A fun challenge where you needed to Pick your favourite Summer or Fall 2012 trend and make it work for you, whether it’s going all-out, incorporating it into a professional outfit or using it in moderation. For example – how would you bend this neon brights trend into something in sync with your personal style? Challenge yourself – you might even take something you think would never work on you and get creative! Extra brownie points if you can use your trend in more than one look.
I chose the trend – Pastels as we are in the Spring/Summer phase right now in Melbourne πŸ™‚
This mint green pastel shirt top can be dressed up or down to make it a casual look or to wear during the office.
Paired with a lace vest and jeans – perfect for a casual look


Add a blazer and you are ready for the office and tuck in with a black pencil skirt.


If your office is more casual than corporate you could wear it like I have on the left. I don’t like to wear full on pastels so I like to pair it with a neutral color like black.


This was a fun challenge πŸ™‚ Check out the other entries on Pandaphillias blog page.

House sitting and Giveaway winner

Hi all,

It’s time to reveal who has won my blogiversary giveaway winner: Amy from Coffeebeansandbobbypins.

I have sent you an email so please respond and I will get the prize out to you πŸ™‚

On another note this weekend I went house sitting. I loved that the master bedroom had an ensuite and lots of closet space. When I design my own home I will definitely want a walk in wardrobe. The kitchen had a huge pantry and it was organised perfectly.

I love this idea for a floating bookshelf.

I also love this storage idea for space saving πŸ™‚

Happy weekend everyone! Do you have any ideas for storage space saving?


Hi all,

We have had some very gusty windy weather lately! It’s even likened to being in a tornado – well I may be slightly exaggerating but I can’t complain too much because I’m so happy it’s Spring time πŸ™‚

This is my OOTD. Brown clover top from Hong Kong and I wore it with a black cardigan and black pants. Teal earrings and a black ring with magnetic silver nails.


Also today is my mum’s birthday πŸ™‚ So these were some flowers we got her πŸ™‚



September has proven to be a very busy month πŸ™‚ But one more day and it will be the weekend πŸ™‚ So let’s just hang in there πŸ™‚