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Favourite apps

Hi all,

I haven’t got an iPhone but I do have an iPod touch and this is basically like an iPhone but without the call capabilities. I love apps! So here’s some of my favorite apps!

Instagram – this is a photography app where you can share your photos to the world. You can use different filters to change your photos. People can follow you or you can like other people’s photos. I love using instagram to record what has been happening in my life and to participate in #photoaday

Pinterest – Now it is so much easier to see all the photos that people pin up. With this app you can scroll through and see all the beautiful photos! It always makes my day when I see all the pretty pictures 🙂

Weatherzone – I use this as my “weatherman” It is very accurate and compared to the default app that you get on the iPod or iPhone this one works perfectly with a 7 day forecast and even the percentage of what the chance of rain will be *which is important in Melb – 4 seasons in one day haha*

Sim simi – I only just downloaded this app. It is like your virtual friend who messages back with funny responses when you message him back. I just find this app totally amusing and for the entertainment factor.

Draw free – I love this game! Even if you can’t draw it’s a very entertaining app that you can play with your friends. It’s basically like pictionary and you can earn coins which will help you buy colors.

What are your favourite apps?


Hi all,

Here is an update of my photo a day challenge for the last 5 days via instagram 🙂


1. Up – Looking to the morning sky 🙂


2. Fruit – This is in my car – watermelon in the rain


3. Neighbourhood – Just looking over my back fence with the sun streaming through 🙂


4. Bedside – This is my alarm clock – don’t really use it much because my body clock wakes me up 🙂


5. Smile – I though this sign was cute – 13 smiles per hour zone!

Going well so far 🙂 It’s actually quite fun and challenging trying to meet the topics 🙂

Hope your Monday is going well 🙂

Instagram round up

I love Instagram so here are my January roundups 🙂


I took this at the wee early hours of the morning ^^


Happy bday dad 🙂 The cake was delish – pandan cake 🙂


Chinese New Year – celebrations – Gotta love Hot pot


I did a DIY bracelet 🙂 See my post here to see how I did it 🙂

Hope your week is going well so far. Anyone else on instagram? Let me know 🙂

Instagram collage

I love Instagram! If you don’t have the app and you have an iphone/ipod, it’s a great app to share photos and when you look back at what photos you have taken, it gives you good memories 🙂 This is a collage of what I have taken in the past months 🙂

If you have instagram! Let me know your ID and I shall have a look at your photos 🙂

Happy weekend everyone 🙂