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Correspondence club

Hi all,

I have been joining the correspondence club for the last couple of months and love the feeling of getting snail mail. One of my penpals was from Mexico and she sent me these lovely dove earrings that I can’t wait to wear. I also love reading about her culture and traditions.


This is what I sent out recently to my new penpal 🙂

Happy NY

If you are interested in joining in the correspondence club – see this blog

I also just watched Les Miserables in the cinemas!

Les Miserables

It is is a great musical!! Sooo sad – (there were not many dry eyes) yet soo good 🙂 I recommend watching it or if you can watch the stage show 🙂


Correspondence club

Hi all,

These last two months I have been joining the CC Club. It’s like a penpal system where you can get snail mail from all around the world. For more info you can click on the button on the right hand panel.

This month I received mail from San Diego 🙂 Since I have been there it was so exciting to see the postcard and receive a bracelet from Mexico.


This is what I sent out to my penpal 🙂

Receiving any sort of Snail mail is one of my happiest moments 🙂 Always love receiving good ol fashioned postal mail 🙂

Happy weekend!

Correspondence club

Hi all,

Have you thought that the art of letter writing is dying? Well it certainly is! With this day and age everything is so fast paced with emails, facebook, twitter, pinterest! So much social media and so little face to face interaction.

That’s where the correspondence club comes in. Started by Nnenna from starcrossedsmile she has come up with an awesome idea to get the letter writing art back to this day and age.

I just received my mail all the way from the UK. Thanks Suki 🙂 It was lovely. She sent me these cute earrings with a lovely handwritten card!

So if you are interested 🙂 Join in and go on to Nnennas blog under Correspondence Club and sign up 🙂

Correspondence Club

Hi all,

This month I joined in Nnenna’s correspondence club from Starcrossedsmile.com
Just as snail mail these days are really rare I thought it would be a great idea to join and make some friends 🙂 It’s always exciting to receive something in the mail 🙂 My snail mail came all the way from Norway – Dina 🙂 She sent me this cute pearl ring that I love wearing and have received compliments for as well 🙂 Thanks Dina!

If you are interested in joining April’s correspondence club – check out Nnenna’s blog for more detail 🙂