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DIY Card

Hi all,

I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately 🙂 Who gets sucked into watching them like me?? hehe I stumbled across this card making YouTube tutorial and it inspired me to make my own card 🙂
It was my friend’s birthday coming up so I decided to make her a card 🙂 She loves Paris and I thought this was a pretty nifty idea and who doesn’t like heart felt hand made cards 🙂

What you will need :

Any Plain or colored cardboard

Cutting knife and board or scissors

Picture that you want to use

Ruler and pencil


What you need to do is really easy – I created a stencil of 3 different rectangles, use your ruler to create even rectangles and cut them out with your stanley knife or scissors.

DIY card

Place  this stencil to trace around your preferred picture and then cut around your picture.

DIY card

Then on colored paper/cardboard – arrange the picture so that the rectangles are on slight angles and voila 🙂 Card done!

DIY card

Happy Thursday everyone!

Lacey cream and black

Hi all,

Happy Australia Day for those who are in Australia 🙂 The first public holiday of the year 🙂 It’s great to have a sleep in and have a BBQ or just go shopping hehe 🙂

This is what I tried on at Target – It’s a cream lace dress with black faux leather collar and I thought this will be perfect for work or casual too.

Lacey cream and black dress

I think the plan for today will be either to go out shopping or do some baking 🙂 I have been youtubing a lot and found some great recipes there 🙂

Happy Monday everyone!

Zigzag nails

Hi all,

I saw this cute lightning nail tutorial on a blog and decided to use the same concept but change up the colors.

Zigzag nails

I used a purple pink nail polish as the base. To make the zig zags, all you need to use is scotch tape and use that to make your zigzag lines.

I used a lemon pastel color for the second zig zag line and this bright Sally Hansen cobalt blue as the end zig zag 🙂

Happy Thursday everyone 🙂 


Colorful maxi

Hi all,

The weather has been lovely – increasingly hot – Summer is definitely here to stay for a while 🙂 That’s the time to rock out some maxi dresses. I own a couple of different maxis. I think this one is my favourite though. With hues of green, purple, yellow white and blacks. The pattern is like  lace with different lines.



I paired it with this cobalt cardigan 🙂

On another note, I saw these cute ipad cases in Typo. If only I had an ipad 🙂

Stationery ipad case

So what do you all think of maxis? Love them or loathe them?

Tealy Summer

Hi all,

We have a scorcher of a day today – 39 degrees and we are also having the Australian Open 🙂 It makes me want to play tennis and I spend lots of time watching tennis on tv 🙂 Summer always makes me want to be really active and go jogging or play sports.
I’m wearing this colorful blocked top – I love the colors in it and these teal jeans with these thrifted sandals that I scored for 1 dollar 🙂

Tealy summer


I got them from this market in Camberwell 🙂 Markets are always full of surprises sometimes you find gems and it is always different every time you go 🙂


Hope you are all having a lovely Thursday!

Blue peplum

Hi all,

Hope you are all having a happy weekend 🙂 Mine was spent lazing around playing with my rabbits and going market shopping.
This is some blue peplum. I have tried other peplum tops but some weren’t that flattering but this one curves at the right places 🙂

Blue peplum

Paired it with this blue pencil skirt and my jeweled sandals 🙂

Happy weekend 🙂 Hurrah!

Correspondence club

Hi all,

I have been joining the correspondence club for the last couple of months and love the feeling of getting snail mail. One of my penpals was from Mexico and she sent me these lovely dove earrings that I can’t wait to wear. I also love reading about her culture and traditions.


This is what I sent out recently to my new penpal 🙂

Happy NY

If you are interested in joining in the correspondence club – see this blog

I also just watched Les Miserables in the cinemas!

Les Miserables

It is is a great musical!! Sooo sad – (there were not many dry eyes) yet soo good 🙂 I recommend watching it or if you can watch the stage show 🙂


Stars and gold

Hi all,

For the new year I want to experiment more with nail art. This is one look I came up with on the fly.

Stars and gold

I used a pink base coat and then a teal color to do a slight french tip. With the ring finger I used a pastel yellow color as undercoat. Then I used my konad stamp kit to stamp on the white stars and with the ring finger I added gold glitter 🙂

Mango dessert

I also couldn’t resist showing you my favourite dessert at the moment – its from Dessert story and it is a snow mango mountain! Delicious with popping mango jellies!

Sydney Trip

Hi all,

This is a quick recap of my Sydney trip! I love going to Sydney for holidays because it is a jam packed busy city and always something happening there.


I love taking pictures on the plane of what lies beneath! I notice that coming from Syd to Melb – it’s a lot dryer! We need more rain 🙂


This is my bathroom of the place I stayed 🙂 Nice and cozy with all the amenities needed 🙂


The roads in Sydney are somewhat narrower than Melbourne’s but I love looking at all the buildings 🙂


I also love how Sydney is close the water 🙂 There are always boats on the harbour and you can take a Ferry from one side to the other 🙂 People actually do this for work like taking a train to work but instead you go by ferry 🙂

Spiky fruit

I also came across this weird looking fruit when I was walking in the park.. Any ideas what it is??

New years eve was spent in Sydney and the fireworks were amazing! Though I didn’t take any pictures. Here is one from google.


Now that 2013 is here 🙂 Do you have any resolutions??


Happy New Year

Hi all,

Happy New Year! 2013 is here!


I’m back from Sydney 🙂 It was such a great time to relax from the internet world and just go then and enjoy the sights and nature 🙂 But now I’m back and looking back at 2012 – These are a few of my favourite OOTDs




Lacey afternoon

Red boots

I will post more on Sydney later 🙂 For now I’m catching up on sleep and getting ready to head back to work tomorrow 😦

Hope you all had a great new year!!