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Hi all,

I will be going to Japan in about 6 months time but that is not stopping me on chowing down on Japanese food.

I went with a friend to an alley in the city that was very popular. People were lining outside the store since lunchtime.

I had the bento – the sushi was so fresh – it was authentically made from a Japanese chef.





My friend had the sashimi bowl and the sashimi looked really fresh.

Today is Anzac day! So three day weekend. My sis made anzac day cookies! We need to have more three day weekends 🙂

Have a happy weekend!


Hi all,

My friend gifted me a Cudo voucher to try out this Japanese restaurant so of course I had to try it out 🙂 The setting was like a little cafe style place.


We had the 3 course meal: Starting with Entrees of springrolls, scallops and tempura. The scallops were my favourite.


Mains : Chicken teriyaki bento and salmon bento – Quite nice but is not authentic japanese


Dessert: Green tea ice cream – delish 🙂 But I’m a sucker for desserts!

Overall I will probably give this place a 6/10 just because it’s not authentic japanese. I would call it chinese with a twist of japanese 🙂

Still enjoyable though 🙂 Now back to the olympics!


Striped shirt for work

Hi all,

Today’s OOTD consists of this Temp striped shirt. When I first bought it I was drawn to the colors and that there were different stripe widths. For work I don’t have to dress that corporately but sometimes I like to bring out a shirt and pair it with a fitted blazer and black slacks/pants. I’m wearing a checked scarf with it as its cold today!


On another note, I decided to do some water color painting – inspired by Bubzbeauty as she has recently started painting and there is a youtube guru Tim Gagnon that does amazing work. I thought I might dabble in it too.


And of course I couldn’t leave without adding some food pics of yesterday’s lunch at Oriental Spoon.


Has anyone dabbled in painting? What is your favourite business attire? Love korean food?

Oriental spoon

I’m loving trying out new restaurants! So the other day I tried this place called Oriental Spoon. They serve korean food mainly with hints of japanese inspired dishes. I had the Katsudon (pork) bento and my friend had the fish bento. I love the presentation of the food – it comes with all different types of pickled vegetables, egg, takoyaki ball (octupus ball), chicken wing and seaweed. It was delish!

  What’s your favourite restaurant?