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Japan trip – Tokyo

Hi all,

Yes I have been on a blogging hiatus because of my holiday and I have enjoyed just being able to see so many things and eat so many things and just enjoy it. Now that I’m back I will be able to blog again and share some of my Tokyo photos.

We stayed one week in Tokyo and it was awesome. I love Japanese food people and culture so even with limited Japanese you should be able to get around as Japanese people are really willing to help you if need be.

We went to Tsukiji markets and had really fresh sashimi.



I love how you can get anything from a vending machine. These machines are everywhere.


We had to try the Katsudon here – Pork chop crumbed with udon noodles



We also headed to Disney sea and look at these cute toy story mochi sweets! They are adorable



We also went to the famous Asakusa – very touristy as you can see the sea of people.



This was my friend’s favourite food – Taiyaki – It has a crispy wafer like outside but inside there are different fillings you can choose from – custard, red bean taro and it’s delish!



Also Japan has the cutest dogs! All the puppies in the window are sooo cute and small.



We also had to try the Harajuku crepes. They are crepes with lots of different fillings – ice cream, cake, cream



And on the weekends some of the girls get dressed up as you can see with this pink girl here.



Ever wondered what Wasabi looks like – here you go!



Imperial palace

These aren’t even half the pictures I took but it’s a snapshot of my trip to Tokyo – stay tuned for the next round of holiday pics πŸ™‚

Hope all is well with you all and if you have any holiday plans let me know.

Getting ready for Japan

Hi all,

I may be on a blogging hiatus while I’m on holidays next week as I will be in Japan!

I have been to Japan once before and this will be my second time and I can’t wait as the first time I went I loved the experience so much!

I love the food, culture and the people. Everyone is super polite and I love my sashimi, udon, ramen etc etc

So I shall be packing soon and getting ready πŸ™‚

Geisha spotting here I come!


Β Are you looking forward to any holidays any time soon?

Missing Japan

Hi all,

Happy weekend everyone! Have you ever looked on your fb newsfeed and seen all these travel photos of your friends and family travelling overseas! My feed seems to be flooded with travel news and when that happens I have a bit of PHD – post holiday depression haha
It made me think of places that I miss visiting and Japan is definitely one of them. So I have show cased some of my favourite Japanese happy snaps for your pleasure and mine πŸ™‚

Mt Fuji

Mt Fuji was spectacular when we went – It was really clear with a little cloud on top. It was lucky for us because normally you won’t know until you get there if you will be able to see it.


In Kyoto we went Geisha watching and there were a tonne of tourists looking out for them. These ones are in training because the Geisha are very hard to find as they are the elite ones.


This is one of the palaces in Kyoto – very pretty


In Tokyo we went to the Ghibli museum and it has all the cutest anime there.




Let’s not forget the food! Ramen was so delicious there!

Curry shop

They also have all these side shops that sell food – like Japanese curry which is normally not spicy but more sweet.

Green tea

And I was obsessed with everything Green tea! Yum green tea ice cream!

Tokyo tower

Last of all, we went to Tokyo Tower at night and it is truly beautiful at night πŸ™‚

I definitely recommend travelling to Japan – even with what has happened to that country since the Tsunamis – It is a beautiful place to experience the culture, food and the overall hospitality and politeness of the people there πŸ™‚

Places I miss

I simply love travelling and I’m sure most people do as well. So far I have travelled to China – Suzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi-an, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taiwan – Taipei, Japan – Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Penang, Malacca, Singapore, United States – Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara. Phew I think that is it…

Still many more places to conquer and visit πŸ™‚
This year I won’t be travelling anywhere overseas .. unless I strike it up rich? hahha – maybe just domestic flights in and around Australia? Or even our close relatives – New Zealand πŸ™‚

So these are the places I miss….In no particular order:

Hong Kong
I have been there twice now and still love this vibrant city. With the hustle and bustle of people everywhere left right and centre, this busy city is always alive! I especially love the food and the markets! Mongkok is one of the favourite places I love to stay in. It is shopping paradise πŸ™‚ From small boutiques to large malls you have everything and everywhere you go there are food smells and stalls! If you are a food junkie you cannot miss going to Hong Kong!

Β Β Β 

San Francisco
I got to experience this beautiful city late last year and I fell in love with it at first sight. So many people had assured me before I left for my trip that I would Loooovee San Francisco. I had to admit I had my doubts but those were broken once I set foot in the city. It actually reminded me of my home in Melbourne. The weather was similar to Melbourne a little bit of everything and the feel of the city felt like Melbourne. I loved the architecture there. The housing there is so cute and the bay area so pretty with the bridge in full view. The main difference between Melb and SF is the hills! Whoa those streets are sooo hilly! Lugging around a luggage in that city is not fun haha.

Β Β Β 

I have a secret soft spot for Japan just because I have always wanted to go there since I was in highschool. I learnt the language from primary school up until Year 10. So I can basically read hiragana, katakana and a bit of kanji (similar characters to chinese) though translating them to english can be a challenge πŸ™‚ I lived out my dream when I travelled there 2 years ago. It was what I always dreamed like it would be. The culture of the country was beautiful and the people so polite and friendly. Even if they couldn’t speak english they tried to help you in every way they could. I remember when we first landed in Tokyo we didn’t really know our way to our hotel so had to ask random people in the street and stalls for directions! In the end we managed to get there with the help of all those kind people.
This country is filled with delicious food as well – Ramen (Jap noodles), Gyoza (japanese dumplings), Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake), Takoyaki (Jap octopus pancake little balls) and much more!
If you get to stay at a Ryokan (traditional house) – it is definitely an experience! Tatami mats and a bathing house with exquisite food served to you traditionally!

Β Β Β 

So what are your favourite destinations or places you miss?