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Polka dot loafers

Hi all,

It’s already been a week! Time sure flies when you are having fun! I bought these black loafers with polka dot lining for a mere $5! Score! It’s not the best quality shoes but for something that price I couldn’t pass it up 🙂

Polka dot loafers

How have you been with shopping? Scored any bargains?

Polka dots and harujuku

Hi all,

Don’t you just love when you’re birthday keeps dragging on. My friend calls it the birth month instead of the birth day haha.

So I have been wearing these polka dot nails and I drew a bow on the middle finger.20120708-085011.jpg

I also got these 2 adorable harajuku perfumes from the Gwen stefani range and they smell delicious.




Hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far 🙂


Red polkadots

Hi all,

Continuing with the jeans theme but changing it up – I chose a red top with a polka dot scarf. It makes the Winter less dreary with bright colors because all I see around the city is black!

We had the shortest day – Winter solstice today so the day was dark and dreary and top that off with an earthquake yesterday at 5.2 on the Rickter scale. Scary! We haven’t had one like that for the last century! Felt the whole couch shake and you could hear a rumble! I thought that a helicopter was going to land in our front yard. A lot of people on facebook thought it was their washing machine! That must be one crazy spin cycle!!

Have you ever felt an earthquake before?

Polka dot nails

Hi all,

To continue with the polka dot obsession, I did polka dot nails. Super easy to do. I used Rimmel’s wine not polish as the base coat and then dotted with Ruby’s palm cove and Sally hanson’s mint sorbet. You can customise this to any color you want by changing the base coat or the dots. If you don’t have a dotting tool you can use a bobby pin 🙂

Happy weekend everyone!

Pastel polka dot and striped nails

Hi all,

I saw this pic of Eki’s nails from ekiblog.com on instagram and I thought it was too cute not to replicate! It’s perfect for Spring or Summer. I used Sally Hansen’s mint sorbet and this pastel pink Rubi nail polish on my ring fingers.
Topped it off with a white nail polish to do the polka dots on all nails except the middle finger which is stripes. It’s a really cute look and fresh if you like mint colored nails 🙂


Hooray for the weekend 🙂 Hope you all have a good one! Any other ideas on mint nails?

GAP has a store in Melbourne!


A lot of overseas branded shops are starting to open in Melbourne. Just recently Zara opened up this year on Bourke st which has been a big hit in helping retailers fight the GFC. Topshop opened up on Chapel street and today GAP opened in Melbourne Central. This is the first store in the whole of Australia and the reason behind them opening up in Melbourne is because Melbourne is known to be the fashion capital of Australia!

So I’m very happy to have a store there. I visited it today. The only problem is that they don’t have the variety that the US stores have and the prices are not as good as US. Hopefully they will bring out better styles and have sale items 🙂 

On another note, I went to Temp and tried on some clothes. I tried this lace vest but didn’t really like it. I tried this polka dot dress which I actually loved but it was a little too short. If you bent over.. its all over!
The weather has been getting really hot – 32 degrees – the problem with Melb weather is the everchanging temperature so apparently it is gonna rain and pour tonight! Just in time for the weekend -_-!

Happy weekend everyone!