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Stripey and spiky

Hi all,

The weekend has come around again 🙂 It helped that it was a short week too due to the public holiday on Thursday. I bought this spiked necklace. I like funky jewellery and this one ticked all the boxes 🙂
I wore this to a lunch gathering with my friends 🙂 Striped cardigan with a casual tee underneath and jeans 🙂 The kind of clothes you can just eat comfortably in 🙂

Stripey and spiky

Hope you all had a lovely weekend 🙂

New products

Hi all,

At our drugstore in Australia – Priceline there was a 40% sale on all cosmetics. There was a tonne of people there and I managed to pick up this Essence eyeliner for about $2.50 and this Maybelline Babylips in Berry for $2.40.

Maybelline baby lips

The color payoff for the Berry lips is quite good. It’s like a tinted color balm for the lips and the Essence eyeliner is surprisingly quite good as well.


Polka dot loafers

Hi all,

It’s already been a week! Time sure flies when you are having fun! I bought these black loafers with polka dot lining for a mere $5! Score! It’s not the best quality shoes but for something that price I couldn’t pass it up 🙂

Polka dot loafers

How have you been with shopping? Scored any bargains?

Missing Japan

Hi all,

Happy weekend everyone! Have you ever looked on your fb newsfeed and seen all these travel photos of your friends and family travelling overseas! My feed seems to be flooded with travel news and when that happens I have a bit of PHD – post holiday depression haha
It made me think of places that I miss visiting and Japan is definitely one of them. So I have show cased some of my favourite Japanese happy snaps for your pleasure and mine 🙂

Mt Fuji

Mt Fuji was spectacular when we went – It was really clear with a little cloud on top. It was lucky for us because normally you won’t know until you get there if you will be able to see it.


In Kyoto we went Geisha watching and there were a tonne of tourists looking out for them. These ones are in training because the Geisha are very hard to find as they are the elite ones.


This is one of the palaces in Kyoto – very pretty


In Tokyo we went to the Ghibli museum and it has all the cutest anime there.




Let’s not forget the food! Ramen was so delicious there!

Curry shop

They also have all these side shops that sell food – like Japanese curry which is normally not spicy but more sweet.

Green tea

And I was obsessed with everything Green tea! Yum green tea ice cream!

Tokyo tower

Last of all, we went to Tokyo Tower at night and it is truly beautiful at night 🙂

I definitely recommend travelling to Japan – even with what has happened to that country since the Tsunamis – It is a beautiful place to experience the culture, food and the overall hospitality and politeness of the people there 🙂

Mint silver

Hi all,

Usually in Winter or Autumn, nails tend to change with the season and they go darker and in Spring and Summer – nails seem to be brighter and pastel! Due to the everchanging weather in Melbourne I get the opportunity to change up my nails to brighter colors because of the Spring like weather we have been basking in 🙂

Mint nails

I did mint nails with a silver french tip and for my ring finger silver.

How are you doing your nails this season?



Hi all,

I have been a bit slack on the blog lately – Have you ever found it hard to take photos and upload them and then think of something to write about them? Maybe I’m getting bloggers block? Or maybe because we had Daylight savings and gained an extra hour I decided to use that hour to procrastinate? Either way Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!!