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Pink pants

Hi all,

Still on the hunt for colored pants – still can’t find cobalt blue. But I tried these hot pink ones on.


I don’t know if I would wear them often enough.. so they stayed on the rack..

Are you guys still into colored denim/pants? What are your latest lust haves?

Market shopping

Hi all,

I don’t know about you? But I love going to the markets and searching for new treasures. This weekend I was able to go to one of the biggest markets we have in our area. It was extra hot today though so people were selling things fast to get out of the sun!


I picked up these earrings 🙂

and also the last Harry Potter book – The Deathly Hallows. I have read it before but a long time ago and I’m slowly getting the whole set. Basically brand new – $3 can’t go wrong 🙂

Happy weekend everyone! Any good markets in your area? Do you go? Any good finds?

Pastel polka dot and striped nails

Hi all,

I saw this pic of Eki’s nails from on instagram and I thought it was too cute not to replicate! It’s perfect for Spring or Summer. I used Sally Hansen’s mint sorbet and this pastel pink Rubi nail polish on my ring fingers.
Topped it off with a white nail polish to do the polka dots on all nails except the middle finger which is stripes. It’s a really cute look and fresh if you like mint colored nails 🙂


Hooray for the weekend 🙂 Hope you all have a good one! Any other ideas on mint nails?

Vintage find

Hi all,

Recently we have been tidying out our garage and stumbled across a box labeled shoes and bags. I found amidst the box a beautiful vintage leather bag which I later found out belonged to my mum – maybe 20 years ago! It is beautiful! and I have already worn it once today.


I think I love it more because it belonged to my mum – so its sentimental yet vintage!

{Wearing: F21 Cardigan, Lace tunic top, Skinny jeans, Owl necklace, Vintage bag}


Have you ever found any items like this? Things you treasure because they are sentimental?

Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day for those who are in Australia! 🙂 Love public holidays! Today marks the day of the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788 and the proclamation at that time of British sovereignty over the eastern seaboard of New Holland.

These celebrations consist of waving the flag and BBQs galore! Lots of lamb, beer and lamingtons.
Also the Australian Open is being held these last couple of weeks and I have been hanging out to watch the actual games in person but unfortunately now that they have come to the Semi finals – all the ground passes consist of Junior matches.

Victoria Market also has their weekly night markets so I had to check them out. They have food stalls from all different countries!


Aussie stall – Kangaroo burger, Crocodile burger, Ostrich burger :S


Monster American pancakes?? Probably double or triple the size of Australian pancakes!

We tried Paella – Spanish food and Japanese food – Takoyaki – octopus balls. They were soo good.


So Happy Australia Day to all you Aussies out there! Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!

On the search for colored denim

I have been hunting around for colored denim.. I have been after some cobalt blue denim pants but have yet to find a fit or color that I like. I tried on these green ones and the fit is nice but I can’t see myself wearing them as much as I could. Now if only they had this fit but in the color cobalt!
They also had bright pink~ which I know I can’t pull off so its back to the hunting board.


On a beauty note, I am loving My Beauty diary masks! I have 3 different ones – Aloe Vera, Strawberry Yoghurt and Bird’s Nest. I think my favourite would be the Aloe vera. These boxes can be found in Asian beauty shops like Sasa. I got
mine from Taiwan and Hong Kong when I was on holidays! They are really refreshing and compared to some products in Australia these are cheaper and I like the different flavours they have to offer 🙂 

Have you tried My Beauty diaries? What is your favourite flavour? How about colored denim?

Happy new Year

Hi all,

The lunar new year has come 🙂 For those who celebrate it – it means a lot of food and feasting 🙂 Plus family get togethers 🙂


We always gorge ourselves so much until our bellies resemble pregnant bellies! Haha but its just one day of the year right? In our local area they also hold a huge festival and there are heaps of food stalls and things to buy! The atmosphere is great!


On the weekend I also had to farewell a really good friend of mine. She is migrating to New York 😦 But I comfort myself by saying that since she is living there with her family – all the more reason to visit her 🙂 So NY next year 🙂 Hopefully!! *fingers crossed*

So once again Happy New year 🙂 Hope you guys are spending your weekend well 🙂 Do any of you celebrate it? and how did you celebrate it?