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Wedding no. 2

Hi all,

So the past weekend I attended another wedding. This one’s theme was classy – with very simple roses as flowers and a lot of magical fairytale table decorations.


The bride was gorgeous and the groom didn’t look that nervous.



I wore a flower printed dress with a maroon cardigan and maroon pumps.



One more month and I will be on holidays to Japan! Can’t wait!
Are you attending any weddings or what about any upcoming holidays?

Wedding Guest OOTD

Hi all,


Seems like wedding season is in the air. I attended a wedding over the weekend and I helped out with flower arranging and decorating the night before till midnight. Boy was I tired! But it was good fun. This is my OOTD – It’s a floral ensemble that has oranges and dark blues and I paired it with a purple cardigan and maroon wedges.





The bride was gorgeous wearing a pleated flare maxi style dress with cute detailing at the bodice. The groom wore a navy suit and looked very smart and handsome.

The cutest thing was the flower girl who looked like she was channelling old hollywood glamour with a long white dress with a purple sash round her middle, clip on pearl earrings and a pearl necklace. She was loving the attention throwing rose petals down the aisle! Total cutie!



Food was delish as well with a candy bar and lots of different fingerfoods.

Who loves weddings?

Birthday week – Part 2

Hi all,

Rounding up my birthday week – I got some beautiful flowers from my friend and a beautiful orchid from the bf with a thoughtful card. I’m definitely more into the words than the present itself 🙂



Then the family surprised me with lots more presents.




As it was a big birthday we went to the Conservatory and had the high tea there. Boy was it divine! The decor was stunning even though it was a rainy gloomy day but I ate my fill of Peking duck, bruscetta, cakes and more cakes.







I can’t thank my family and friends enough for all the love and support I have experienced through all these years 🙂 This is what makes life worth living! 🙂 Have a happy weekend !

Birthday week – Part 1

Hi all,

June is a special month for me as it’s my birthday! And it turned into birthday week 🙂

It started with brunch in the city


Shopping in the city and then coffee and cake


Flowers from work


Lemon curd cupcakes made by a colleague


More cake – from Le petit gateau


This was just two days… more photos to come hehe..

Birthday blessings

Hi all,

Another year has passed and another birthday 🙂 I had celebrated my birthday 2 weeks in advance so it felt like I had stretched my birthday out for nearly a month 🙂

On my actual birthday (even though it’s EOFY) I managed to leave at 1pm to go shopping 🙂

These flowers arrived for me in the office! 😉


My sis made me this berry and choc cake 🙂

Berry and choc cake

I bought this khaki jacket with faux leather sleeves. I have been eyeing this kind of jacket for a while and because there were EOFY sales and my birthday 🙂 I bought it!

Khaki and leather sleeves

And I decided to take the plunge and add mustard jeans/pants to my closet 🙂 Hopefully I can rock this during Winter and Spring/Summer!

Mustard pants

Hope you all had a great weekend!!



Hi all,

We have had some very gusty windy weather lately! It’s even likened to being in a tornado – well I may be slightly exaggerating but I can’t complain too much because I’m so happy it’s Spring time 🙂

This is my OOTD. Brown clover top from Hong Kong and I wore it with a black cardigan and black pants. Teal earrings and a black ring with magnetic silver nails.


Also today is my mum’s birthday 🙂 So these were some flowers we got her 🙂



September has proven to be a very busy month 🙂 But one more day and it will be the weekend 🙂 So let’s just hang in there 🙂



Happy Bday

Hi all,

Happy Birthday lil ol me 🙂 I expected this year’s birthday to be just another day but I have had so many early birthday celebrations and unexpected moments that it definitely has been a birthday to remember 🙂




Thank you to all my dear friends out there 🙂 and may this year be another awesome year 🙂

Happy snapping

Hi all,

This weekend, I had a more relaxing one so I took this opportunity to take some photos! I love taking photos but sometimes just don’t get a chance to take some. I will let the photos speak for themselves 🙂

Happy Monday everyone! What do you guys do to relax?