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#Marchphotoaday Day 16 – Day 24

Hi all,

As I was away in Perth I skipped some days for the March photo a day challenge but here are the one’s that I managed to complete 🙂

April’s photo a day challenge is coming up and if you would like to participate – here is the list for you to get ready 🙂

16. Sunglasses


17. Green – My dad’s zucchini plant


18. Corner of your home


19. Funny – I saw this picture on the internet and it’s so cute 🙂


21. Delicious – Totoro macarons


22. Kitchen Sink


24. An animal – My baby rabbit 🙂


Not many days left in March! It went so quick!!

#Marchphotoaday Day 11- Day15

Another round up of photos for the #Marchphotoaday challenge.

11. Someone you talked to – This is my friend’s kid – he is adorable! I chucked on my sunnies on him and he wouldn’t move haha it was like whenever he was wearing the sunglasses that suddenly he was frozen!


12. Fork – I made spanakopitas  – see recipe here


13. Sign – Not sure if this is considered a sign – but my sister made this – she is arty!


14. Clouds – Nice cloudy day


15. Car – Walking back to my car from the train station – spotted this awesome car that I would love to have – problem is I don’t have that kind of cash 😦


This is just an additional photo I took yesterday! There was a rainbow!! Haven’t seen one of these in ages! So pweety!


Happy Friday everyone! Anyone else doing the challenge? Would love to see your photos!

#Marchphotoaday Day 6 – Day 10

Hi all,

Another Marchphotoaday challenge update 🙂

6. 5pm – I actually waited to 5pm to take this photo! Haha the things you do for challenges!


7. What you wore – Was wearing my favourite flats that day!


8. Window – Walking down the street near my work and took a picture of this building


9. Red – My Macbook 🙂


10. Loud – I want these awesome Bose headphones so I can listen to some loud music without everyone hearing me on the trains!


Hope you all enjoying your weekends! We down in Aus have a three day weekend 🙂 Loving Labour day!!



Hi all,

Here is an update of my photo a day challenge for the last 5 days via instagram 🙂


1. Up – Looking to the morning sky 🙂


2. Fruit – This is in my car – watermelon in the rain


3. Neighbourhood – Just looking over my back fence with the sun streaming through 🙂


4. Bedside – This is my alarm clock – don’t really use it much because my body clock wakes me up 🙂


5. Smile – I though this sign was cute – 13 smiles per hour zone!

Going well so far 🙂 It’s actually quite fun and challenging trying to meet the topics 🙂

Hope your Monday is going well 🙂

Floral skirt and teal

Hi all,

The weekend is nearly here! I can feel it! Or maybe I can feel this really strong wind that has introduced Autumn to us. Either way I wore this a few days ago 🙂 I didn’t want the cold weather so I was grasping at what little sunshine there was on that day 🙂



This is the first 2 photos from the photo challenge:

1. Up

2. Fruit

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