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Stripes and mustard

Hi all,

It’s the weekend!! I’m happy because :
1. My parents and siblings will be back from their 3 week holiday (where I have had to fend for myself with my sister – meaning cooking cleaning the works) and I can’t wait to hear the stories they have to share and the photos and the presents!!
2. Who doesn’t love a weekend – no work ^^
3. I finally finished watching the end of Elementary with Moriaty being revealed! That was a great episode!

This is what I wore while I was out DFO Shopping 🙂

Stripes and mustard

I am loving colored jeans 🙂 These mustard pants are kinda out of the norm for me but I thought I would give them a go and I love them ! They have been on rotation here and this striped blue sweater goes really well with it 🙂


I tried this dress – It was a bargain for $10 but I didn’t really like how it made my waist look so it was a sad return.

Home decor

I also visited this Home Decor shop! Look at all the adorable things they are selling!!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend 🙂 Tell me what you are happy about! 


Animal prints

Hi all,

I have been looking for an animal printed blouse in ages! And I finally found one that I love in Target!

Animal print

It’s a great addition to my work wardrobe – little sausage dogs scattered around 🙂

I also tried this horse printed one but opted for the black blouse instead 🙂

Horse print

What about you guys? Are you liking animal printed tops?

Polkadots and stripes

Hi all,

Was trying out these striped top and denim polka dot top but makes me look so frumpy I quickly put them away 🙂 These photos are just to remind me not to buy them! haha

Stripes – no no

Polka dots – no no


Long cardigan

I actually didn’t mind this long cardigan but the pattern was like carpet and looked a little too daggy for me to pull off! Positives were that it was very warm for winter 🙂

Hope you all have a happy 4th of July and happy weekend 🙂 Mine is extra sweet as I have Monday off 🙂