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In New York

Times Square

Continuing on with my holiday posts 🙂 I have made it to New York!

First impression (don’t hate me New Yorkers) ..
The city smells.. and it was dirty and chaotic…
but the good points was the FOOD 🙂 and that everyday something was happening 🙂 Lively city with hustle bustle
I learnt that New Yorkers jay walk all the time even to the point where I had to pull my friend back before being run over by a taxi!


Never have I seen so many taxis in one place! It was really convenient to travel by taxi 🙂 and I was impressed by the subway and bus systems as compared to Melbourne  – they feel like it was more frequent.

Lobster roll

I had my first ever lobster roll at the Chelsea markets 🙂 And it was delish! I wish we had these back in Melbourne!

Chelsea market

We walked the High line and got this refreshing cranberry popsicle from People’s pop 🙂 Delish!

People’s pop

Of course we had to go to Grand Central station – It’s really pretty and I heard that if you whisper in one corner of the room – a person in the other corner can hear you 🙂

Grand central

One day we wondered for hours in central park 🙂 It was nice and serene 🙂

Central Park

This is not even half of the pictures I took in New York 🙂 I might post some OOTDs to break up the holiday posts 🙂 TIll next time ! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

New York



Bye Melbourne hello new york

Hi all

Im off to toronto and the big apple. Im so happy that my holiday is finally here.  There may be only sporadic posts while im away.

Hope you all have a great weekend

NY here I come

Hi all,

It’s official ! I have booked tickets to NY and Toronto! So exciting and I can’t wait!

Can’t wait to see the bustling city and shop 🙂

New York

Statue of Liberty

If you guys have any suggestions of places to go and good places to eat 🙂 Tell me!! 

Travel dreams

Hi all,

It’s the weekend! It has been a hectic week yet it has flown by. Next month I will be visiting our regional offices and it will be great to see the countryside. But it got me thinking of what other places I would love to visit. So I checked out my travel board on pinterest and noticed I had pinned a lot of beautiful places.

This is a beautiful picture of New York which I will be visiting next year 😉

Look at the colors of this photo 🙂 So pretty! It’s in Greece!

Beautiful pictures of lush green grass and mountains in Bulgaria

I love this picture of all the houses in Italy 🙂

Happy dreaming everyone! Any tips on future places to visit especially in the NY, Boston, Chicago area would be appreciated 🙂