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Boxing day sales

Okay if you have read my previous post, I said I wouldn’t be attending boxing day sales. Okay so I lied.. well I got tempted and failed .. I woke up super early on Boxing day and then went online to see what time shops were opening! Myer was opening at 6.45am and David Jones at 7am so since I was already up I though to myself “What the heck – lets see what Boxing day sales are like” haha

I drove there and got there in time – Myer was already opened so I browsed through. I looked at different dresses but didn’t end up getting any. As I walked around the shopping mall I waited for different shops to open.

Here are some of the items I picked up :

 For my bro – just a simple top and he loves Tokyo

  For my sis – she loves baking!

 For moi 🙂 Some cute inexpensive earrings

For those who did attend Boxing Day sales – what did you pick up?  


Hi all,

Hopefully you are enjoying your holidays and going somewhere nice and warm and sunny.
This is what it currently looks like in Melb –

Well that’s what I had to encounter last night driving through that storm!

Today is Boxing day! This is where the sales go crazy and shops open at 5am! I will not be joining them this year. Well maybe I will later on in the day but I will not be lining up in this weather to get the sales. I might have to opt to online boxing day sales hehe.

Will you be attending the sales? or opting for online?