2016 Favourites

Hi all,

As I did a round up of 2015 favourites I thought I would do the same for 2016

1.Favourite series – Fuller house – After watching the whole Full house as kids to see them come back as adults was a joy to see.
2. Favorite drink – Matcha
3. Favorite trip – Trip to Cairns for our babymoon.
4. Favorite new product – Elf brows – Not only is this inexpensive but it was very useful for my brows
5. Favorite lipstick – I have been drawn more to just a lip moisturiser or chapstick
6. Favorite fragrance – Green tea – Elizabeth arden
7. Favorite bag – Sportsgirl backpack – This has been my go to bag especially when I was pregnant.
8. Favorite piece of clothing – Maternity singlets from H&M
9. Favorite accessory – Fitbit alta – I have  been wearing it all the time and it tracks sleeping and steps.
10. Favorite memory – The birth of my cute daughter at the end of this year. It was an experience carrying her for 9 months in my belly and then having her pop out. Now she is about 5 weeks old and growing so fast.

Hope you all have a happy new year and lets see what 2017 brings 🙂



One thought on “2016 Favourites

  1. I was a huge Full House fan when I was younger too (don’t think I missed an episode), thus when I heard Fuller House came out, I was on it! So happy they have the exact same actors back in it. It felt like my own family reunion watching it, haha! Oh, congrats on the baby girl! Time flies!

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