What’s in my bag?

Hi all,

I just saw a fun post on instagram the other day about what’s in my bag and I always love looking at what is in other people’s bag (That’s the sticky beak in me hehe) So I decided to empty my bag out to see what’s in there and here is what I foundPhotoGrid_1412156557849


1. Headphones – I always have them in my bag in case I want to listen to music on the train or people leave me voice messages that I don’t want the whole world to hear.
2. Currently reading this book by Barrack Obama – Dreams from my Father – It’s actually quite an interesting read about his days before he became a politician. I love reading on the train and makes my travel to and from work fast. I also have the daily free newspaper that I read quickly for all the goss and entertainment news
3. My trusty wallet – I bought this overseas in the states and it keeps all my cards and cash well in there. I also have a coin purse that I got for my birthday
4. A notebook for any moments I need to jot down ideas, pen, and keys
5. My beauty products – I have a sportsgirl palette that has eyeshadows, bronzer and a lip gloss in there – handy for emergencies, sunscreen , eyedrops, EOS lipbalm
6. Sunglasses – now that’s warming up to Summer – this is definitely needed and some random Bowling coupons.
There you go šŸ™‚
Hope you enjoyed it – would love to see what are your go to bag items šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?

  1. I usually have my moleskine on hand, some lip products, and the typical products (keys, phone, wallet). I love seeing what’s in people’s bags!

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