Hi all,

These are some of my empties for the month or I should say months.

From left to right starting with :


Neutragena Healthy Skin Liquid makeup
Review: This is the best foundation I have ever used from the drugstore. It goes on smoothly and even without a primer makes pores look minimal. It is long lasting and is moisturing. I wish they sold this in Australia as I would definitely stock up. I bought this while I was in the states last year.

Heroine Mascara
Review: I love this mascara. It is waterproof and I find that Japanese made mascaras do well for long lasting and not smudging. I have a whole post on this topic here.

Fairydrops Mascara
Review: This was my second most loved mascara. It is also made in Japan and the formula is good as it gives you volumnious and long lasting lashes

Dollywink Eyeliner
Review: I love this eyeliner as it is long lasting and waterproof. It is Japanese and the pen is like a felt tip so it is easy to draw the line.

Heroine Eyeliner
Review: I bought this eyeliner after my dollywink eyeliner ran out. It didn’t disappoint. It has a felt tip like pen tip however it has more product so a little more liquidy. Overall I still like this one as it is waterproof and sticks fast.

So these are some of my holy grail drugstore products.

What are yours?



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