Foodie weekend

Hi all,

Who doesn’t love food? I tried this place called Red Spice Road and it has a delicious menu for $25 you can have 3 mains and an entree.


This entree was really fresh – you just wrap it up in the leaf and eat it 🙂

Beef curry

Our first main was beef curry – the meat was really tender and it wasn’t too spicy

Prawn salad

Our next main was prawn salad – it had a lot of zing and spice but the prawns were cooked perfectly and not rubbery

Caramelised pork belly

Last of all was this caramelised pork belly. It was the best thing ever!! With a crunchy outer layer and a moist inside the best part was the sauce!!

I definitely recommend anyone going there just for the pork!!

Hope you all had a good weekend 🙂


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