I Heart Quebec

Cobble stone streets

Hi all,

Continuing with my holiday posts 🙂 Here are some more happy snaps. So after Niagra falls we did a three day tour – We did Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec 🙂 I love love love Quebec! It feels like you are in Europe – as everyone speaks French! Ordering Mcdonalds in Quebec was hilarious as we only knew how to say “Je ne pa parle Francais” – I don’t speak French and Parle Vous Anglais? – Can you speak English? haha



Notre Dame

The buildings are all so beautiful 🙂 and walking down we came across this Macaron shop and me being a sweet tooth needed to try one.

Pistachio macaron

It was delicious! It wasn’t the prettiest macaron I have seen but it was DELICIOUS 🙂 I love finding secret hole in the wall places that surprise you with awesome food!

Till next post 😉 Hope you have a great weekend!





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