Stripes and mustard

Hi all,

It’s the weekend!! I’m happy because :
1. My parents and siblings will be back from their 3 week holiday (where I have had to fend for myself with my sister – meaning cooking cleaning the works) and I can’t wait to hear the stories they have to share and the photos and the presents!!
2. Who doesn’t love a weekend – no work ^^
3. I finally finished watching the end of Elementary with Moriaty being revealed! That was a great episode!

This is what I wore while I was out DFO Shopping 🙂

Stripes and mustard

I am loving colored jeans 🙂 These mustard pants are kinda out of the norm for me but I thought I would give them a go and I love them ! They have been on rotation here and this striped blue sweater goes really well with it 🙂


I tried this dress – It was a bargain for $10 but I didn’t really like how it made my waist look so it was a sad return.

Home decor

I also visited this Home Decor shop! Look at all the adorable things they are selling!!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend 🙂 Tell me what you are happy about! 



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